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Safe Surfing For Kids

E Safety
Links to Highland E- Safety Strategy Group, Highland Council and more.....

Childnet International

Think U Know
Government web site with advice for children and parents in two different sections.

Internet Awareness
Get Net Wise
Net Family News
Disney Safe Surfing
America Links Up
Media Awareness Network
NCH Action for Children
Net Mom
Wired Patrol
UK Health Authority
Centre for Media Education
Education Network Australia
Australian Broadcasting Authority
Safeguarding the Wired Schoolhouse
Wise Kids

International Bodies
United Nations Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organization
UN Committee on Rights of the Child
The International Police Organisation
International Telecommunication Union
United Nations Children's Fund

Internet Organisations/Policy
Internet Content Rating Association
The Bertelsmann Foundation
Internet Content Rating for Europe
Online Privacy Alliance
Net Consumers
E-learning Foundation

Child Welfare Organisations
UK Missing & Exploited Children
Child Rights Information Network
National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children
National Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Children
Children's Partnership
NCH Action for Children
Radda Barnen

Schools Internet Networks and Projects
British Educational Communications and Technology Agency
School Net Global
Africa Schoolnet
Deafchild International

More Links
Childnet Links