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Birmingham Roman Roads Project
Romarch: Brittannia - US site
Romarch: Britannia - UK site -- these are great, and should be mirrors, but at the moment are slightly different.
Sub-Roman Britain:A Guide to Online Resources Maintained by Dr. Christopher A. Snyder as part of ORB, The Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies
Athena Review Guide to Archaeology on the Internet - a good section on Roman Britain, with lots of other good links
Romano-British Index - more stuff from Athena Review
Roman Military Sites in Britain
Mike Bishop - Mike Bishop's home page, more Roman stuff
Centuries of Roman survival in the West - article  by Ken Dark
Literate culture of `Dark Age' Britain - article  by David Howlett
Roman roads that reshaped the land - article by Rob Witcher
The Roman Small Town at Shepton Mallet, Somerset - A project by the Birmingham University Field Archaeology Unit
The WROXETER HINTERLAND Project - A project by the Birmingham University Field Archaeology Unit
ROMAN BRITAIN By Guy de la Bédoyère - The web site of the Romano-British specialist Guy de la Bédoyère
Roman Sites - "Roman Sites is essentially a bibliographical resource"
The Roman Gask Project - the earliest Roman frontier in Britain

Hadrian's Wall
Cumbria, Northumberland and Tyne and Wear, Northern England

The Antonine Wall Strathclyde Region and Central Region, Scotland
Ancaster Fort, Lincolnshire, Central England
Baginton West Midlands, Central England - Fort
Bowes Fort, County Durham, Northern England
Caerleon Gwent, Wales  - Fortress
Caernarfon Gwynedd, Wales - fort
Carvoran Fort, Northumberland, North of England
Hardknott Fort, Cumbria, Northern England
Newstead Borders, Scotland - Fort
South Shields Tyne and Wear, Northern England Fort
Chesterholm-Vindolanda Northumberland, Northern England  Fort
The Athena Image Archive: British sites
Photographs of Roman sites includes some military locations
Popular Archaeology
A site that summarises all archaeological periods and offers a search facility to find sites by nearest town, subjetc, etc.

A Roman Army bibliography
Has hypertext links to on-line texts and other sources
Roman Military Bibilography
A scholarly bibliography by a leading Roman military scholar.
Roman Military equipment
The Journal of Roman military equipment
De re militari Association - Roman section
Perhaps the best omnibus military site, includes some of the links above
Roman Frontiers in Britain and Germany
A site dedicated to the Raetien and British Limes, with wonderful photographs.

This list contains only groups re-creating units that served in Britain. A far larger list including units with no British links and also some with no web sites, but with email, snail mail and phone details has been produced by the Australian group Legio VIIII .

Legio II Augusta
British re-enactors of the legion that was commanded by Vespasian during the invasion
Legio VIIII Hispana
Australian re-enactors of a legion perhaps most famous for vanishing, but certainly not in Australia.
Ermine Street Guard
The first, British, Roman army re-enactment group. They specialise in the late 1st century army and include legionaries (Legio XX) and auxiliaries.
Legio XX
An American-based re-enactment group.
Cohors I fida Vardullorum milliaria equitata civium Romanorum
British auxiliary re-enactors from Colchester

Internet Ancient History Resource Guide
Bill Thayer's web site that has the results of his searches into the obscurer regions of Prehistoric Cyberspace.
The Roman Empire
An introduction to many aspects of the Roman Empire

The Association For Roman Archaeology
Also has links to many other roman related web sites and information

Hadrian's Wall

Into the Roman World

Roman Roads in Britain by Thomas Codrington

Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities - William Smith,

Bibliography of Roman Military History In Britain

The Roman Gask Project

Romarch - Roman Art & Archaeology

Gazetteer Of Roman Names In Scotland

The Roman Army In Britain

Roman Military Sites in Britain

For Kids & Teachers
Roman Settlers in Britain

Romans in Scotland
GridClub: Scots History
The Reticulum Project
Walk Through Time
Daily Life in Ancient Rome
You Wouldn't Want To Be A Roman Gladiator!
The Romans in Britain
BBC Education: The Romans
Boudicca's Revolt
The Romans