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Bringing Pets To Britain/UK

Quarantine In The UK

DACTARI - Dog and Cat Travel And Risk Information

Pet Health Council
Handy Leaflets

Pets At The BBC

Animal Boarding In Caithness

Veterinary Services In Caithness

Pet Shops In Caithness


Pet Web Sites

Cat Guide - Moggies

Dog Club

Rabbits / Guinea pigs / Chinchillas / Hedgehogs / Ferrets / Gerbils / Hamsters / Rats / Mice

Rabbit Welfare Association

Chinchillas Unlimited - A Forum

Gerbil Shows UK - Dedicated to mogolian and species gerbils, lots of information about exhibiting, mutations, and plenty of photo's. Also a specific forum for gerbil owners to share information and experiences.

Supreme Petfoods - Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Rats, Gerbils, Chinchillas and Ferrets as well as having a number of other fun features.

RSPCA - Reading and Oxon - Rehoming guinea pigs in the Reading and Oxon area. Pictures of guinea pigs available for adoption

Happy Hutch

Furry Friends Animal Rescue

Rabbit Rehome

The Chinchilla Club ~ International Organization for Education of Chinchillas as Pets

African Pygmy Hedgehogs - a resource for pet African Pygmy Hedgehogs in the UK.

Bunny Haven Rabbit Rescue - based in East Lothian in Scotland. Cares for unwanted and abandoned pet rabbits.

Rabbit Roundabout -

Cupid Cavies - guinea pig rescue

Hamsters Galore - all about hamsters!

Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue

Cardiff Rats - non-profit small animal foster and re-home network for
Cardiff and the surrounding area.

Billy Blue Hat Guinea Pig and Rabbit Boarding Hotel

Rodent Refuge

Taylor Ridge Guinea Pig Adoption & Rescue Centre - provides loving homes for Guinea Pigs that have been surrendered by individuals no longer able to take care of them. Education and assistance can also be provided. Based in Louisiana, USA.

A Pets Life

Galen's Garden - Natural health care products and information for rabbits and guinea pigs.

The Rabbit Charity

British House Rabbits

The Chinchilla Store  looking after Chinchillas

Dances with ferrets

Karens UK Ferrets personal website of pet ferrets

My Weasels Website A fun site about ferrets

National Ferret Welfare Society

The Piggy Palace  health & care of guinea pigs!

About Guinea Pigs & Shows About Guinea Pigs & Shows

Joanne's House Rabbit Site

The Welsh Hedgehog Hospital - Advice on every aspect of hedgehogs, including orphans, treatment, homeopathy, durgs, parasites. European and African

Cavy Club, the number one UK site for all your Cavy needs. Show dates, Cavy Care and more!

All You Ever Wanted To Know About Hedgehogs - links on the hedgehog

European Hedgehog Page

Flying Hedgehog

Hedgehog Homepage - the British hedgehog.

Hedgehog Page - wild hedgehogs, pictures, and stories from Sweden.

Hedgehog, The

HedgeHouse, The - the adventures of Spike the Hedgehog.

International Hedgehog Clubeducating the public in the care and betterment of hedgehogs and to facilitate their rescue, welfare, promotion, and care.

Thyme's Hedgehut - nutrition, care,

Ferret - includes pictures, FAQ, and links.

Ferret Bunch - pics, bios, links, FAQ.

Luna and Siva - two New Jersey ferrets; pictures, tips, and links.

Tokyo Ferret - introduction to a family of ferrets, with photos and text.

New Ferret City - ferret characteristics, feeding requirements, care taking, history, and tips are at your disposal.

Ferret Central - general and medical FAQs,

Ferret Chat

Ferret Owner's Manual

Ferret Pathology - disease information for owners and veterinarians.

Ferret Zone, The

Modern Ferret - ferret magazine.

Problem Ferrets and the People Who Love Them - resource for those with animals that have turned to biting as a means of communication with the world.

WWW Ferret Page

Zen and the Art of Ferrets - a little bit of everything about ferrets: advice, media coverage, kits, shelters, lapel pins, and more.

Canny Cavies

Cavies Magazine

Guinea Pig Page - guinea pigs make great family pets!


GuineaCare Guinea Pig Rescue "Keeping guinea pigs healthy and happy"

Small and Furries - Information on unusual or exotic rodents as pets and in the wild

Heavenly Hamsters

Minx link loads of links

Complete Hamster Site The ultimate hamster site


Towy Vale Hamstery - hamster clubs, shows and lots of information, plus links and FAQ.

The Rodent Rescue

Towy Vale Hamstery - hamster clubs, shows and lots of information, plus links and FAQ

Hamster Society, The - UK club

South Of England Hamster Club

London & Southern Counties Mouse and Rat Club (LSCMRC)

National Fancy Rat Society

Rat Palace

Pet Mouse Guide