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Missing Persons
Started 6 January 2000

A web site at www.missingkids.co.uk is already having great success in locating missing children.  Well worth a look as a central site for putting up information or finding more on missing children

From time to time we have received requests for information on people missing or formerly from Caithness.
Whilst we do not have the resources to trace people we will be happy to copy Emails on to this page for people wishing to contact people who formerly resided in Caithness or Sutherland.  We will not pass on information but leave it to individuals to follow up requests posted to this page.  For people not lost but who have moved away we are starting a Caithness Exiles Section 

For big resources on assisting you to find people in the UK you should try the BBC web site  The Search.  It has lots of useful advice and information on many resources to assist in searches for missing people.  Use their message board for family, friends or possessions.

Debbie Wotherspoon
Brisbane, Australia
I have searched the Internet & have come up with the following addresses which may or may not lead to the Ed & Angela Mackay I am looking for
1.    Eddie Mackay        Banks Rd, Wick, Watten, Caithness KWI5YL               Phone: 1955/621324
2.    Angela Mackay       Seaforth Ave 100, Wick, Caithness KWI5ND                Phone: 1955/603909
3.    Kevin Mackay         Upper Burnside Ave 1, Thurso, Caithness  KW147XA     Phone: 1847/892262
I guess I am clutching at straws here but I have spent the past 3 years attempting to locate my friends without success. The last known address I have for them is 9 Cumberland Close, Chandlers Ford, Southampton. I have written to this address however the occupier does not know of my friends whereabouts. I would be most grateful for any information you are able to offer. The Mackays would know me as Debbie Assaf although I have since re-married.
5 February 2000 
From: "Leslie Quist" <mamakitty@ewa.net>
Sent: 02 February 2000 03:40 pm
Subject: People online in Caithness
> Dear Sir,
> Do you know if there is anyone in or near Lyth that is online?  I would
> like to contact someone there to see if any of my great grandfather's
> relatives still live there.  His name was Donald Bruce and he was born
> at Greenland Place, Lyth, Caithness, Scotland 7 Oct 1815.  Do you know
> any Bruce families in that area that are online?
> Leslie Quist

28th April 2000
Sinclair History
We have been researching our family history for 12 years.  Our family name is Sinclair - I believe it is a very well known name in wick.
We have traced our history right back to great-great-great-grandfather Donald Sinclair.  On Donald's birth certificate it states his father is William Sinclair but does not mention his mother's name - apparently this was quite common at that time.
Donald Sinclair was baptised in 1807 in Latheron and he was schooled at Wick.  He later joined the army and was stationed with the 93rd Highlanders.  He was married in St. Lucia to Ellen Fitzsimmons and later had a son William.
Donald's son, William Sinclair, was a doctor in the army.  he married and had three children.
We would like to trace our family history a little further.  To be able do that, we need Donald's mother's name.
This has been near impossible to get using the normal methods, so if anyone can help us with this we would appreciate it greatly.  Please send any correspondence to me at the address below or Email me at weenzworld@hotmail.com 
Tina Sinclair,
c/o Suite 6.04,
Exchange Tower, 
1 Harbour Exchange Square, 
London E14 9GB

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Finding People
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