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Caithness Libraries     Wick      Thurso

North Highland Archive is also located in Wick Library.

UK Public Libraries on the Web  

Links for Librarians at UK Public Libraries

Carnegie Libraries Of Scotland
You will find information about Thurso Library here

Scottish Libraries
National Library of Scotland -  See the first books printed in Scotland, Last letter of Mary Queen of Scots.

School Libraries On The Web

Current News Of Libraries, Internet & Education

Roget’s Thesaurus
The National Library of Scotland
Scottish Libraries Across the Internet
Scottish Poetry Library
Library & Information Commission
National Art Library
Ask a Librarian
The British Library
National Library of Wales

National Art Library

Internet Public Library

University Libraries -

Internet Public Library
Mimics a real library and links to many of the best web sites around.

A - Z Virtual Library - Big and getting bigger every day.

Library Spot Great stuff here.

Living Library
Two million learning resources here.  Masses of topics.

Berkeley Digital Library
Access to many digital collections worldwide.

Aardvark  - Asian Resources For Librarians
Very large resources and databases to be found here.

home to one of the largest "collections of collections" on the Internet. ibiblio is a conservancy of freely available information, including software, music, literature, art, history, science, politics, and cultural studies.

Art & Architecture
- Links

Library of Alexandria

Illustrated Library

Library & Information Commission

Web of Online Dictionaries
Over 1000 dictionaries, grammars in 190 languages.


The Digital Library
Over 10,000 texts in English and many more being added every day.
Links to more.


Electronic Catalogues of the British Library
consulted by title, author, publisher, date or keyword

Library Resources on the Internet

Library of Congress - Search for books etc 

Library of Congress Web

Four Centuries of Anglo-American Relations
American Library of congress and British Library joint exhibition opened in US in November 1999 and coming to UK in 2002.  Preview here.

Edinburgh University Library Online

Andersonian Library Strathclyde

11,000 links, catalogues, archives

European Union-Russian State Library Project

Library Association Record Journal

Russian State Library Update

European Telematics for Libraries Programmes

The Library Association

European Digital Heritage & Cultural Content

UK Office for Library & Information Networking

Uncover - A Massive search system for articles

Working Class Movement Library

Simon Fraser University Library

The Perseus Project
Huge classical resources with Greek and Latin texts also available. 
Dictionary to translate words available online.

Libraries on the Web from Berkeley

National Libraries - Big listing from University of Pennsylvania

American Libraries Online

American Library Association

Project Gutenberg

State Library of New South Wales

WWW.Virtual Library

Research Library Collections
Possibly all the libraries of the world online.

See Also
Books - full etexts online - Caithness.org list to millions of books

The New British Library Web Site Goes Live on 28 November 2001

Consumer: book reviews