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13 July 03
Magpie Moth 
Another From Caithness
This is the magpie moth (Abraxas grossulariata), one of the few day flying moths. A huge pest on gooseberry plants when numerous, which they aren't really here. It is a very variable species. The caterpillar is creamy white, with black dots running along the sides. A broad reddish line separates the two lowest bands of dots. Apart from its favourite gooseberry or currant plants, it feeds on a huge variety of plants, and in the Western Isles can be found on ling.

29 June 03
A Red Admiral Butterfly Snapped In a Caithness Garden
Colin Stewart took this picture of a red admiral butterfly in his neighbours garden today.   There are quite a range of moths and Butterflies in the county.  If anyone else has managed to take any pictures we would be happy to start a new section to contain them and build a record of them.  Details of location and names would be helpful.  If any rare ones are sent in we will omit the location.   Nature and Environment Index