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Translate Into Scottish Dialect

American Sign Language (ASL)

On-line Dictionaries - Various Languages

Martindale's Reference Desk - Language Resources - Huge database 

70 Languages with Dictionaries

30 Languages

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Grammars of all Languages

BBC Languages

Scotland's Gaelic College is Sabhal Mor Ostaig
English translations on the site.

Acronyms Dictionary
Bengali Primer
Learn to Read Bengali
Learning Chinese Online - Many Links
Let's Learn some Chinese! - English
Learning Chinese Language
Human Languages Page
Learn Dutch

Learn Dutch via the Internet
Owen's Little Czech Primer

English - Free Resources For Teaching English
Elementary Course of Gaelic
Greek through the Internet
Feudal Dictionary
Fluent French
French Lessons From Everywhere  -Masses of them
1606 French Dictionary
German Elementary
German For Travellers 
Learn Spanish Learn Spanish Today Learn Spanish


Deutsche Internet Übungen

German Grammar

German Tutor
LearnPlus Deutsch 1
The Awful German Language
German Language - A Resource site for Learning German
Texthaus - Interactive Online German Learning  - Goethe Institut

German News
German - with pieces on lighter literaature.
Guide to Wheelock's Latin
UKIndia Learn Gujarati
Halaka-English Dictionary
Online Hebrew Tutorial
Hindi Program at Penn
Hopper BLS Paper
Hopper: Times of the Sign
The Human Languages Page
SEAsite - Indonesion
Learn2 Get By in Indonesian

Interactive Italian Language Course
Quick & Dirty Japanese
Absolutely learn Japanese-Online

Learn Japanese Fun and Easy

Adlang - Free Japanese Lessons

Norwegian in Five Minutes a Month
Language & Literature (Arts & Humanities) from EINet
Language Software
Latin Grammar Aid
Latin Lesson Index
Study Guide to Wheelock Latin
Latin Grammar Aid
Latin Terms
Latin Texts
Latin Word List
Latin Word List - Eight Thousand Words
Learn to Read Russian
Let's Learn Arabic
Linell: The Written Language Bias in Linguistics
List of Language Lists
Michigan Linguistics Archive
Mailing Lists in Linguistics
Malay Language & Literature
Minimal pairs for English RP
MIT Jargon File
Official English-A 'No' Vote
Ohio State University Dept. of Linguistics
Online English Handbook 1.2.1 (Mac)
Orwell: Politics and the English Language
Palmer-Bakhtin and Net Subjects
Persian is Sugar!
Philological Association
Polish Archives
Polanyi & Hopper 1981
Short Portuguese Lessons
Portuguese Online

Project Libellus
UKIndia How to Read Punjabi

Qur'anic Arabic
Learn Basic Russian
Russnet Online Language Learning Resources

Russian Archive
Some basic Spanish conjugations
Spanish Course for Beginners
Free Spanish Course
Basic Spanish for the Virtual Student

Learn Spanish: Free Online Tutorial
Business Spanish
Basic Spanish For The Virtual Student
Business Spanish Tutorials
Spanish - test your Spanish
Polish Language - Phrases
Russian, About - -144 signs with translations
Russian -  Links to courses and other material
Russian Dictionary
Ukindia Learn Sanskrit
Swedish Language Course
SSE - Introduction to Swedish

Thai Language Page
Thai Homepage
Turkish Lessons

Urdu Dictionary
Learn to Read Urdu
Spoken Vietnamese For Beginners

Welsh Resources
A Welsh Course
Sengers: Wallowing in the Quagmire of Language

English Page
Practice for learners of English
To Learn English - For Teachers , Learners and people who like English
EF Englishtown
Shakespeare Glossary
Shaw and Meihem
Webster's Dictionary
World of Words
Languages & Linguistics at eserver

Ethnologue - Languages of the World

Travlang  - Basics for travellers in 74 languages.

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Tti - School Of English
Offers wide range of English courses.

Vocabulix - free online vocabulary and conjugations - learn Spanish, German, English

Polish Online Dictionary & Translation

Learn Spanish Guide
A guide to spanish schools and colleges in the Spanish speaking world .  Links to many other sources or material.

Learn Spanish
Spanish courses and free interactive Spanish lessons for visitors

IMAC - Spanish Language School In Mexico
Learn Spanish in Mexico at IMAC
Descrp: Spanish in Mexico! You will find a description of daily
activities we offer to make learning Spanish a unique experience. Also find a pricing list and "Spanish for specific skills" program. You may start learning Spanish next Monday!