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Maths For Young People
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A+ Math  - Improve  math skills interactively.

AAA Math  - Lots of online interactive arithmetic lessons, problems, and games

The Abacus - The Art of Calculating with Beads  - the abacus, relates its history, and shows how to perform basic mathematical operations on it. Also answers questions about the ancient tool and shows how to build one with Lego Bricks.

Activities in Math  - Interactive activities and quizzes on topics such as basic arithmetic, algebra, and trigonometry. Also includes brain teasers and puzzles.

Allmath.com  - Free flashcards, online games, biographies of mathematicians, and an Ask-the-Experts service.

Babylonian Math  - Uunderstanding the Babylonian math system.

Bamdad's Math Comics Page - Math-related comics and cartoons.

The Binary Numbers Site - Explanation of the binary numbers system and related topics.

Blue Dog Can Count

Brain Teasers - New math puzzles each week.

Brain Teasers and Math Puzzles  - Interactive puzzles

Brain Teasers

BrainPOP Math - Animated characters looking at numbers and operations, measurements, geometry, algebra etc.

Click On Bricks
Single brick

Common Formulas - Has information about common formulas in mathematics including circumference, area and volume.

Convertalot- Free measurements converters, calculators, unit translators, and games.

ConvertIt.com  - Measurement conversion calculator, lots of calculators, time zone clocks, and exchange rate converters.

Cool Math

Coolmath4kids  - Math games, problems, calculators, puzzles, and fun.

Core Learning - Teaches Maths with learning software and courses to help you learn.

Decimals  - Has information, graphics and quizzes -  review basic decimal concepts.

Dictionary of Number Words - A Dictionary of English Language Words, Phrases, Prefixes, Suffixes and Symbols on numbers.

Dositey.com  - Interactive lessons and exercises, worksheets, problems by topic and graded.

Eleven Times

Fibonacci Numbers & Nature

Figure This! Math Challenges for Families- Mathematical problems based on real life situations. Includes hints, answers, and explanations.

Fractions For Kids

Free Math Games For Kids - Math games

Free Mathematics How-to Library - Help with algebra, geometry, calculus, fractions, functions, gradient, trigonometry problems. Worked examples and download files.

Fugues of the Well-Tempered Clavier - Interactive Director movie. Compares a fugue by Johann Sebastian Bach to a fractal.

Fun Brain Numbers

Fun With Numbers

Go Math For other Math problems

Homework Help at Math Goodies - Math lessons with a problem-solving.  Homework help message board.

Interactive Mathematics  Online exercises -  explore math concepts while at home.

K-8 Math Lessons - Series of math lessons.  Short explanations of  concepts, interactive exercises, review games.

Kids Maths  - Games

Lets Do Maths - Fun start for young children

Math by OZ  - Teacher-created using QuickTime to solve problems involving whole numbers, decimals, fractions, percents, measurements, geometry and equations. Word problem hints.

Math Cats - Games, crafts, art, and story problems featuring cats, to enjoy maths.

Math Flash - Free flash card game aimed at different age groups.

Math Fun Facts

Math Goodies  - Interactive math lessons, homework help, worksheets, puzzles, message boards.

Math Help - Interactive calculators to do basic arithmetic, area and volume calculations, trigonometry and more.

Math in Daily Life  - The ways people use maths every day -  cooking to planning for retirement.

Math in Daily Life -- Playing to Win  - The odds of winning.

Math League Help Topics

Math Pop Quiz

Math Word Problems for Children - More than 3,500 word problems

Math Worksheets  - Worksheets

Math Worksheets and Puzzles - Over 5000 free printable worksheets

Math.com  - Free math lessons and homework help -  geometry, algebra, statistics, and calculus.

Mathematics History  - Development of maths Includes biographies of famous mathematicians.

Math-Kitecture  - Draft a floor plan using ClarisWorks as you learn math.  Older Kids

Mathletics  - Maths in Sport


MathMathEducation.com  - Mmaths tutorials, videos and dvds.

A Maths Dictionary for Kids  - Maths dictionary explaining common math terms and concepts. Includes practice with activities and animations. Needs Flash

Maths Games For Kids - Maths games.

Maths Lessons

Maths Is Fun  - Games, puzzles

Maths On A Mission  - Biographies of mathematicians and related investigations. Quiz, dictionary, games.

Maths on the Web  - Puzzles

The Mathsfile Game Show - Introduced by the ancient mathematicians, Hypatia and Pythagoras, 11 14 years old students

Mathsforkids - This site has been created to have fun and to practice maths. Includes addition, substraction, multiplication, geometry.


The Metagrobologist  - Maths puzzles and unusual items  9  to 12-year-olds.

Middle School Math - Algebra, calculus, graphing, and data analysis  - various grades.

Mike's Math Club - Puzzles and games to test basic skills.  Needs Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Millermath  - Maths and physics.

Online Math Applications  - Maths in investing, music, history, science, and travel. Includes stock simulation game.

Plot the Robot - Multiplication and calculator work.   Answers lead to a picture.

Powers of Ten - Video "Powers of Ten" converted into web images.  Looks at over 42 powers of ten in a series.  The universe and atoms looked at.

Primary Games - Interactive maths games and worksheets.

Ribbit's Math Ventures - Math problems in a story. Clues are provided to help.

Tables and Graphs  - Graphs and quizzes to help review tables and graphs concepts.

Teach R Kids Math - Interactive worksheets to practice basic math skills.

Teaching Time - Interactive clock, online games, and printable worksheets to tell time.

Toon University Math Games  - Math games for addding, subtraction, multiplication, place value, and comparing number values.

What Good is Math?  - How you can use maths in real life.

Willoughby Wanderings

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Maths Links -
Educational Resources Links

Sites With Teachers In Mind

The School Site  lots of very useful interactive pages to help learn both maths and practical applications of math. Teacher section with links to the best web sites for school subjects.

MCLI Teaching and Learning Web   This site provides "examples of how the web is being used as a medium for learning"

Links to K12 Materials Reviews for many sites which saves time and frustration when looking for worthwhile resources.

Bernie Poole's EdIndex Directory for teachers and students.

Education Planet Database of 120,000 web sites,  Over16,000 lesson plans and resources.

Teacher's Features Resources for teachers.

Links to Math web resources This site contains a large number of math links broken into 6 lists, which are: Lesson Plans, Online Board Games, Ideas and Activities, Puzzles and Problems, Applications and Organizations.

Mathematics lesson plans

Big collection of math lesson plans.

Math Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans and Ideas for teaching maths for younger pupils

For Many Other Topics
Educational Resources Links


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