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When I was a little girl, the sound of my heart beating in my ears used to
keep me awake at night, frozen in terror, because I thought I was hearing
footsteps outside my bedroom window. The only way I could get to sleep was
by chewing on my disgusting, spit-soaked blankie (which I called Uncle
Noodle). But now that I'm a big girl, the thing that keeps me awake at
night, sweat-soaked, tossed and turned, isn't the thought of molar-hungry
tooth fairies tiptoeing around in the dark. No, what chills me to the
marrow these days are thoughts of all the grubby little e-bandits (aka
crackers) out there prowling around the Internet, looking for my credit
card, social security, and Diner's card numbers. But with no Uncle Noodle
around to soothe me, there's been nowhere to turn - until now!

Introducing Webmonkey's Data Encryption Tutorial, the perfect thing to chew
on during those dark, sleepless nights.

Data Encryption Tutorial

When I say things like "asymmetric key-based algorithms," "block-and-stream
ciphers," "hashing," "PGP," and "GNUPG," do you get a funny, uncomfortable
feeling in your gut? Like maybe you feel like squealing, "The world is so
full of things I do not know the meaning of! I am balsa floating in a
stream full of mighty redwood logs! Oh, Goddess, protect me!"

Well, fear not. Julie is here to show you the why and how of real-life data
encryption in a Web environment, using PHP and various other tools such as
the mcrypt and mhash libraries. And by the end of this two-lesson whopper,
oh, what a mighty oak you will be!