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E Caithnass Version of Windows 98, 2000 or XP
Microsoft Warning

It has come to our attention that a few copies of "E Caithnass" version of Windows 98 or 2000 or XP may have accidentally been shipped outside of "Wur Caithnass".

If you have one of " E Caithnass" editions you may need some help understanding the commands.  "E Caithnass" edition may be recognised by looking at the loading screen.

It reads "Iss iz Windos 98" or "Is iz Windos 2000" or Is iz Wondos XP" with a background picture of a 'bonny yewng stirk' superimposed on a photograph of 'E CassieMyre'.  It is shipped with the "E bonny yewng stirk" screen saver.

Also Note:
The Recycle bin is labelled 'Scaffy Kert'
Dialup networking is called 'hell ats modurn'
Control Panel is known as 'e screen wi all e wee thingies on'
The Hard drive is referred to as 'at beeg hing 'ats inside hid'

Other Features:
OK = aye
cancel = dinna do'at
yes = aye
no = 'A says no till do 'at'
find = 'ben e hoose'
go to = 'hev till'
stop = 'dinna move'

Also note that Iss iz Windos 98 and Iss iz Wndos 2000 and Windows XP does not recognise capital letters or punctuation marks.

We regret any inconvenience it may cause if you received a copy of the Caithness edition.  You may return it to Microsoft for an immediate replacement.