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World Association Of Girl Guides And Girl Scouts
AUSTRALIA - http://www.guidesaus.org.au
AUSTRIA - http://www.ppoe.at
BELGIUM - http://www.netline.be/gcb
BHARAT - http://www.tbsgi.org
BRAZIL - http://www.bandeirantes.org.br
CANADA - http://www.girlguides.ca
CHILE - http://www.guiasyscoutsdechile.cl
COSTA RICA - http://scouts.digsolutions.net
  Danish Baptist Guide and Scout Association - http://www.dbs.dk
  The Danish Guide and Scout Association - http://www.dds.dk
  Grønlands Spejderkorps - http://www.pigespejder.dk
FINLAND - http://www.partio.fi
FRANCE - http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/guidesdefrance
GREECE - http://www.seo.gr
HONG KONG - http://www.hkgga.org.hk
ICELAND - http://www.itn.is/gpalsson/scout
INDONESIA - http://www.pramuka.org
IRELAND - http://www.iol.ie/~igg1/
ITALY http://www.agesci.org, http://www.cngei.it
NETHERLANDS - http://www.scouting.nl
NORWAY - http://www.scout.no
POLAND - http://www.zhp.org.pl
MAYLASIA - http://www.trainingmalaysia.com/girlguidemalaysia/
SINGAPORE - http://www.moe.edu.sg/ecac/uniform/guides/index.htm
SLOVAK REPUBLIC- http://www.changenet.sk/scouting
  The Salvation Army Guide and Scout Association - www.scout.se/fa/
  The Temperance Guide and Scout Association - www.nsf.scout.se
  The Guide and Scout Organization of the Mission Covenant Youth of Sweden - www.scout.se/smu/
SWITZERLAND - http://www.pbs.ch
TUNISIA - http://www.planet.tn/scouts
TURKEY - http://www.gantep.edu.tr/Gazi/
UNITED KINGDOM - http://www.guides.org.uk
UNITED STATES of AMERICA - http://www.girlscouts.org

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