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Caithness Ghost Towns
Caithness like most parts of Scotland has its ghost towns and villages.  Unlike the hotter parts of USA or the frozen parts of the world decay sets in after 10 or 20 years of neglect and the roofs soon go.  But the buildings often mad of stone can remain for a hundred years and often more.  Foundations of buildings even thousands of years old remain in Caithness and Scotland.

Here we will begin to list a few ghost places in Caithness

Not much to see except the monument and places where the houses once were and the children were tethered to prevent them being blown off the cliffs.
Stroma - A Ghost Island Virtually uninhabited but once a thriving community for hundreds of years.


Huna - used by the odd creel boat but with its derelict lifeboat shed and equipment slipway it has all the appearance of a ghost place.

What can we say?  Virtually all except two castles are ghost places.  check out the whole Caithness Castles section.

Ancient Ghost Places
Caithness has a very very long history and only recently has it been discovered that there are Mesolithic traces of people in the county.  Check the Archaeology section for tracks of these Ghost places. Look at Yarrows Archaeology Trail for some really old buildings - we're talking thousands not hundreds of years.
An interesting paper on the Grey Cairns of Camster

Ghost Schools
Caithness has always been a rural economy until very recently when modern industry began to arrive especially at Dounreay the nuclear facility in the 1950's.  Many children went to small country schools of which there were over 100 in Caithness.  Many still exist although converted for other uses - houses, workshops etc.  Others are and abandoned.  We are still gathering this information but you can find some in our Old Schools section

Ghost Areas

Down the centuries this area is mentioned in books and as part of Caithness history.  Today this spectacular area is home only to shooting and fishing estates and one or two houses.  the rest are abandoned and only the old cemeteries tell the tale of habitation before people left the area in the last centuries for America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.  Although it is a continuing story some areas like this have become almost totally deserted.  But it has some of the best wildlife and scenery in the area.  Deer abound and rivers have salmon - no wonder it was a good place to live in the past.