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Caithness has several Gardening Clubs
Find them in Social Clubs for contacts.  We have not yet set much up for them as yet.

Gardening In Caithness With Mike Clark

Royal Botanic Gardens - Edinburgh

Seed Germination Database - Perennials
Provides instructions for germinating seeds of hundreds of perennial plants.

The annual/biennial seed germination database is available at http://www.anet.com/~manytimes/page32.htm  and is broken up into A-D, E-M, and N-Z. Common names are given with these listings; soon you too will know how to germinate an eyeball plant.

If that's just not enough germination for you, there's a one-page reference to tree and shrub germination ( http://www.anet.com/~manytimes/page64.htm  sources of seed envelopes, and a variety of articles on germination and gardening in general.

Find How - Gardening
Lots of gardening tips and advice

Window Box
Guide To Growing Great Vegetables
The Chef's Garden
Vegetable Nutrition Facts
Growing Hydroponic Tomatoes
Greenhouse Vegetable List Of References
The Vegetable Patch

Garden Visit & Travel Guide to the Highlands
Garden Web Glossary  Over 3700 terms in horticulture and landscape architecture
Neo Flora - World's largest Plant Database - they say

Royal Horticultural Society
 Massive resource.
Garden Visit
Garden Guides
Garden Net 
Directory of sites with message boards

Gardening-UK  Gateway to thousands of sites.

Gardening World
 Guide to garden centres, suppliers, events, books etc.
Herb Society
Horticultural Trades Association
National Herb Centre

Palm Centre

Plant Centre

Pterra Pots, shopping, ideas, etc.

Rare Plants

Garden Visit & Travel Guide to the Lowlands

History of Garden Design and Garden Designers

Uk Database of Historical Parks & Gardens - 3000 sites

National Gardens Scheme - Gardens open to the public  -many for a few days per year only.

Soil Association

Botanic Garden of Smith College
British Mycological Society
Explore Edinburgh Group
Gardening Scotland 2001
Glasgow University Taxonomy website
Oxford Forestry Institute
OFI Publications
The Tree Flora of Sabah and Sarawak
Pukeiti Rhododendron Trust
Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society
Rhododendron Research Project
St Andrews Botanic Garden
The Scottish Agricultural College
Scottish Natural Heritage
UK Sources for Biological Pest Controls

Postcode Plants Database.

Royal Horticultural Society.

Beechgrove Garden

HDRA - The Organic Organisation.

Scottish Rock Garden Club.

North of England Horticultural Society.

Crarae Gardens.

Inverewe Garden.

National Botanic Garden of Wales.

The Eden Project.

The Cottage Garden Society

The National Gardens Scheme

Flowers & Plants Association

Humour In Gardening
Garden Blethers

A few essays in gardening with the information you need but to make you think.

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