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Help With Spam From The Guardian

Safe From Scams

Email Reader
emailreader.co.uk is an easy way to get your email anywhere. Any computer connected to Internet, any web browser and a POP3 mailbox. You can safely use any computer anywhere to read your mail without reconfiguring email software and without downloading your mail to the computer you're using.

Free Email Directory of Newsletters

Liszts -A Mailing List Directory

Web Post Office Box
WebPOB is an ideal method of keeping up with Internet email correspondence while you are away from the home office without the hassle of configuring a mail client program on a strange computer and since WebPOB does not remove messages from POP3 mail it makes it the perfect way to view your email.

Wordwalla - translates your email into almost any other language

Tips on how to avoid spam and get off email listings.  Good Advice.

Send and email greetings card

An online calendar for sends you email reminders

Get email newsletter on all sorts of cool topics

Thought you might be interested in a very cool and easy to use anti- spam, anti-virus program called BrightMail. I USED to get lots of spam but not anymore. BrightMail acts as a filter between your computer and your e-mail server. I like it because it doesn't look for spam by looking for keywords. Real people at Brightmail collect spam, then categorize it and add it to a database. Email sent to you
that's genuine spam or a known virus never reaches your inbox. Works great and you can always check what's in your spam box anytime you want. Best of all it's FREE!
New to email and need it wherever you go in the world.
Go to www.hotmail.com  to set up an account free.

For roaming facilities to save you money and dial up at local rates when away on a trip go to -

Remember if you are to take your own computer you will need the right adaptor and to find the correct one for the right place try TeleAdapt www.teleadapt.com

Web Calender/Diary Services
Anyday www.anyday.com
Allows you to send information to the net for you to pick up from elsewhere anytime.

Address books Online
Need those addresses and numbers then keep them online at -
WebAddress Book  www.webab.com
Yahoo  http://address.yahoo.com
Excite  http://planner.excite.com

To check out if their are email facilities in the area you are going to check out www.cybercafes.com

Cafe Cyberia, 88 Hanover Street,
Tel 0131 220 4403
Email manager@cybersurf.co.uk 
2.50 per half hour.

Cafe Internet, 153 - 155 Sauchiehall Street
Tel 0141 353 2484
Email glasgow@cafeinternet.co.uk 

Revelations Internet Cafe
27 Shaftsbury Square
Tel 01232 320337
Email info@revelations.co.uk 
5 per hour

free newsletters on your chosen topics

Self destruct Email
Disappearing Inc. in San Francisco has developed encrypted email which can be set to self destruct. Go to www.disappearing.com 

Netlingo Find out what the acronyms mean

Email Scams
Watch out for scams and fraud in your email.
People want your money so think about it before you sign up.  Here are some common signs of scams.
Business Opportunities like Pyramid Selling although dressed up to sound like something else.
Chain Letters.
Work-at-Home Schemes.
Health & Diet schemes promising new breakthroughs.
Free Goods - Usually ask for a joining fee.
Make money by sending bulk Email.
Get Rich Quick Schemes - Lots of them.
Effortless Income - Don't believe them.
Investment Opportunities promising inside information - at a cost.
Guaranteed loans or credit regardless of your credit history - at a price.  They usually don't work.
Holiday Prizes usually have all sorts of catches requiring you to pay for extras.
Be careful.....