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E Government Bulletin
A Free newsletter -
email service covering electronic public services, 'teledemocracy' and the information society in the UK and worldwide

e-City Network

Business Lab
BusinessLab was founded in 1998 by a group of management, technology and communication experts. Their vision was to provide a creative and collaborative environment in which business, government and academic leaders could identify, explore and test strategic options and formulate technology-based solutions for their organisations.

access to government information published on the Internet

Government Gateway
Registering with the Government Gateway enables you to sign up for any of the UK Government’s services that are available over the Internet.

UK GovTalk
To enable the Public Sector, Industry and other interested parties to work together in developing and agreeing policies and standards for e-government.

To enable those with innovative ideas for customer centric delivery of public services to have an opportunity to take them forward.

A site created to support the government's consultation on e-democracy. You can see the proposals, respond to the consultation, link into ongoing discussions, look at background material and make suggestions for more.

Office of Government Commerce
The OGC is civil government’s centre of excellence in procurement (which concerns the whole life cycle of an asset or service) and works with departments, their executive agencies and NDPBs to achieve best value in commercial activities.

Performance and Innovation Unit
The Performance and Innovation Unit (PIU) provides the Prime Minister and Government departments with a capacity to analyse major policy issues and design strategic solutions. Recent reports include e-commerce and e-government.

Cabinet Office
The Cabinet Office sits at the heart of Government, alongside the Prime Minister’s Office and the Treasury. Its aim is to ensure that the Government delivers its priorities.

Modernising Government
The Modernising Government programme is the Government's agenda for modernising Public Services.

Society of IT Management (SOCITM)
The primary objective of the Society is to promote the effective and efficient use of Information Technology in Local Government and the Public Sector.

Improvement and Development Agency (I&DeA)
The Improvement and Development Agency (IDeA) was founded in April 1999, by local government, to work with it and for it and help it do better.

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4 April 04
HARD TARGET: The Bush administration in the US may have
set itself overly ambitious e-government targets, according to a report from the country's General Accounting Office. Of 91 targets set by the administration only 33 have been achieved to date, with a further 38 partially achieved, 17 where no significant progress has been made, and three abandoned because they were "impractical or inappropriate":
http://www.gao.gov/highlights/d04561thigh.pdf .

4 April 04
08: DIGITAL REACH: If e-government services are to reach marginalised groups the UK's current network of 6,000 UKOnline community internet access centres needs to evolve into community media centres supported by sustainable investment and partnerships with other organisations, according to a report from Citizens Online:
http://www.citizensonline.org.uk/pdf/DigitalEquality1.pdf .

14 July 03
Scotland’s e-city network;
Reaching parts previously untouched by technology

From Ronaldsay to Raploch, the Scottish e-city network is bringing 21st century technology more and more into Scottish communities; influencing everything from planning policy to how customers interact with their Local Council.   Highland Council and Highlands and Islands Enterprise have joined this ambitious scheme to ensure the Highlands is part of the growing "e world".