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The Microbiology Information Portal

GCSE Revision
Help with Physics, Maths, English and ICT

Virtual Chemistry Library
Masses of links

Doc Browns Chemistry Clinic
A growing non-commercial general help and revision site for UK GCSE, AS and A2 CHEMISTRY and USA/Canada grades 9-12.  Revision notes, multiple choice tests, structured questions, graphics and extensive links to useful and interesting CHEMISTRY sites. One site speciallity is the structure and naming of organic compounds. The site is regularly added to and has now just been recognised by NGFL, Becta/Ferl link page and the BBC secondary schools science links page in the UK.
www.wpbschoolhouse.btinternet.co.uk/page02/page02.htm  is a general LINKS PAGE with a sub-page of what I consider the top 20 PERIODIC TABLE sites.
www.wpbschoolhouse.btinternet.co.uk/page23/page23.htm   is the page to explore when you have finished the tedious revision!
Site Speciallity: I've been developing a whole series of organic structure recognition and naming tests. The tests work on a random selection of 10 Q's from a data base of 40-140 molecules.  eg see www.wpbschoolhouse.btinternet.co.uk/page14/page14.htm  (multiple choice) and
www.wpbschoolhouse.btinternet.co.uk/page15/page15.htm  (type in name)
The aromatic naming tests are in the pipeline!

Astronomy Picture of the Day Each day a different image or photograph of our universe,  with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer.

Element Tables  Some information on the elements. You can view them in periodic table form or list them by name, symbol or atomic number.

Science Fairs

ChemTeam -- A Tutorial for High School Chemistry. The ChemTeam provides study resources in all standard topics for students in high school and Advanced Placement chemistry.

VirtualRiver  Here you will find two interactive exercises designed to help you learn about river processes like discharge, flooding, and flood frequency.  Make careful observations and measurements, do simple calculations, and answer questions about your work.

StarChild For Young Astronomers.

File Name Here11  The Planetary Society was founded in 1980 by Carl Sagan, Bruce Murray, and Louis Friedman

NewScientist.com  Science and technology website.

The Interactive Star Chart A great resource for amateur astronomers.    Choose your location, time and viewing location and MyStarsLive will generate a star map of the skies above your home. The chart identifies stars, planets, constellations, and galaxies and even tells you about upcoming events like eclipses, asteroids, and meteor showers.

Technology and Society   New technology changing society, and what does it say about us?  Latest events in human cloning, the effect of e-mail on the workplace, the ultrasound cancer cure, and more.

Virtual Physics Waves, Magnetism, Optics, Sound, Light, Electronics, Electricity, and the Scientific Method,  Join a time-travel adventure and you can learn all these physics topics in a 3D interactive environment: Motion, Forces, Newton's Laws, Machines, and Thermodynamics.

Ms. Lee's  Experiments with Science for young childre.

SSMA  School Science and Mathematics Association.

The Catalyst  This site has been developed for the secondary education and high school level teacher as a resource for finding relevant information for use in the teaching of chemistry.

parenTech  parent-friendly kit

N-Body Shop  Part of the Department of Astronomy at the University of Washington.

National Science Teachers Association Aiming to promote excellence and innovation in science teaching and learning for all.

Spacelink -- a service of the Education Division of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

Science & Math Initiatives Teacher help, classroom resources, maths and science resources.

Space Science Education Resource NASA space science products for use in classrooms, science museums, planetariums, and other settings.

AETS  Association for the Education of Teachers in Science.

American Astronomical Society  resources for K-12 astronomy here.

CIESE Engineering and Science Education. Established at Stevens Institute of Technology to help bring the Institute’s technology experience to the K-12 sector.  a few teacher resources.

bioQuest  The BioQuest Library, BQ Notes, The BioQuest Website, publications by project staff and participants, workshops and presentations for institutions and organizations, and support of an extended BioQuest community.

biochemie.net  Biochemie.net is the first-line, catalogue portal for the biosciences.

Sissa.it preprint server

The Journal of High Energy Physics

AAAS American Association for the Advancement of Science, Directorate for Education and Human Resources Programs.

Computational Science Resources  searching the Web for resources on computational science and engineering .

Biology Lessons  Huge site, with an impressive array of resources.

Science Teachers Lounge  For secondary teachers.

EricSE -- Clearinghouse For Science, Mathematics, and Environmental Education.

Globe  worldwide , primary and secondary school-based science and education program.

American Physical Society 

Sourcebook -- For teaching science.

The Biology Page   a biology/zoology teacher at Skyline High School in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

Association for Science Education  from the UK,

Eye Magic

See Also

Astronomy For Kids
Science Links

Becoming Human -- Journey through the story of human evolution in a broadband documentary experience.

The Biology Project interactive resource for learning biology.

California Academy of Sciences  A large site,

Ag BioTech InfoNet  biotechnology and genetic engineering in agricultural production and food processing and marketing.

The @stro Pages --  amateur astronomy and space enthusiasts

The Franklin Institute Online

A Century of Physics

The Academy of Natural Sciences  international museum of natural history operating since 1812,

Access Excellence   for Health and Bioscience teachers and learners.

Lunar and Planetary Institute   the current state, evolution, and formation of the solar system.

Elementary Science Program  A resource for students and teachers of elementary science

The Media Resource Service  A program of Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society. The service puts journalists in touch with reputable sources of scientific information.

Hot A.I.R.

Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum  the Chicago Academy of Sciences. Chicago's first museum and only museum to specialize in the ecology and natural history of the Midwest from the Great Lakes to the prairies.

Challenger Center Online  Launch your exploration of space here for educational simulations, activities, news, information. Challenger Center focuses specifically on comets, Mars, Earth, the Moon, International Space Station, the Space Shuttle, space probes, and the Solar System in general.

University of Arizona Department of Physics. online resources here.

Heavens-Above   the information you need to observe satellites such as the International Space Station and the Space Shuttle.

Fear of Physics   Physics.

Chaos at Maryland  Chaos Group at the University of Maryland at College Park!

BioChem Links

Education Programs -- From the Goddard Space Flight Center.

Comets & Meteor Showers news & information

EarthTrends  The Environmental Information Portal - environmental issues.

Lederman Science Center -- Introducing Students to the World of Science.

MIT Biology Hpertextbook  basic molecular biology -  Biology course, "Introductory Biology".

Bizarre Stuff  a museum of classic home science experiments, mainly from the 1930's-1960's.

eNature.com   commercial site, they have some excellent content, and nature discovery tools.

Popular Science 

United States Virtual Observatory  The National Virtual Observatory (NVO),

The Ozone Hole Tour From the Centre for Atmospheric Science at the University of Cambridge.

Stormy Weather   weather and it's origins.

The Nobel Channel  

Science Poetry Center 

Nobel e-Museum

NBII   Center for Biological Informatics of the U.S. Geological Survey.

Snow Crystal Physics

WeatherBeam.com  A weather information portal

Physics Central  The American Physical Society represents some 42,000 physicists.

WebElements  high quality source of information on the WWW relating to the periodic table.

New York Times: Science

Science Playwiths 

Virtual Courseware   Life and Earth Sciences. These activities are designed to enhance the learning and teaching of scientific principles.

Science News  An award-winning weekly newsmagazine covering the most important research in all fields of science.

National Institute of Health  Office of Science Education, coordinating science education activities

Science U  For people who like science.

Smithsonian Institution 

Spaceflight Now and  Astronomy Now
resources for the study of spaceflight, and astronomy.

Volcano Expeditions  From the field in Costa Rica.

Scripps Institution of Oceanography 

Mars Global Surveyor

Space Telescope Science Institute  view photos from the Hubble telescope, and learn about astronomy

Scientific American.com

ScienceMaster  We are the Internet's science learning web site,-  students, parents and teachers.

Questacon Australian site has some great resources

Molecular Expressions  photo galleries that explore the fascinating world of optical microscopy.

Sigma Xi -- The Scientific Research Society owns this interesting web site and in their Science Resources section there are many links to other online science resources.