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Research Online
Can you research online and how do you know what you are getting is worth anything?  Can you evaluate the information and the web sites?  These links may help to decide.

There are a huge range of web sites but are they always appropriate.  You may wish to have a look at how one teacher has made students and others think about what they are looking at on the web and whether it is appropriate for the subject being studied.  Take a look at  - A Guide to Critical Thinking about What You See On The Web .

Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators:
Critical Evaluation Surveys

Aimed at various age groups to make them think critically about what they find on the internet.

Noodle Quest
Starts right at the beginning and takes you on through to an amazing variety of useful stuff.

Web Research Guide
A quiz to test your knowledge and then tutorials for older children to help them assess the value of a web site as against say the library.  The site has a teachers guide.

The Nuts and Bolts of College Writing: Evidence
One for older kids but everyone can learn something here.

The Amazing Picture Machine
Graphical Resources on the Internet and a few sample lessons.

Some Basic Stuff
Political, satellite, historical and street maps for anywhere on Earth from National Geographic.
CIA World Fact Book
is a handy guide to basic facts.

Bible Gateway
for the full searchable texts