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Scottish Youth Parliament

Votes At 16

Learn.co.uk - Citizenship

UK Politics Brief

Elections In The UK - How they Work

About My Vote

UK Election Results

Parliamentary Reform

Women And The Vote
Emmeline Pankhurst
Campaign For Women's Suffrage 1903 - 1928

Politics Is Serious But Take Moment To Ponder
Comedy Zone - Politics
Politics Made Simple

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Trade Unions

Young People And Politics - A Resource Guide

UK Political Parties
British National Party
Conservative Party
Conservative Way Forward
Green Party of England and Wales
Green Party of Northern Ireland
Islamic Party of Britain

Labour Party
Labour Party Conference
Natural Law Party of the United Kingdom
Liberal Party
Liberal Democratic Party
Libertarian Alliance
Plaid Cymru
Progressive Unionist Party (PUP)
Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party
Scottish Green Party
Scottish Labour Action
Scottish Liberal Democrat Party
Scottish National Party
Sinn Fein
Social Democratic and Labour Party (SDLP)
Third Way
Workers Party, The
Ulster Unionist Party
Ulster Democratic Unionist Party
UK Independence Party