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WWW -- A Little History of the World Wide Web

Virtual Library Of Museums

Historic Figures

History Learning Site

Deja Vu Experience the history of the web! Go to the emulator to re-live an era in the history of the web! Or go to the timeline to read about the old times!

Vatican Exhibit Main Hall Library of Congress Vatican Exhibit.

The History Channel International Cable TV's History Channel International.

HistoryChannel.com -- The Web Site of Cable TV's History Channel.

The History Net

Irish History -- From the University of Texas

History of Medicine Great History of Medicine Collection.

National Women's History Project

Nasa History of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

Civil War Letters Written by Newton Robert Scott, Private, Company A, of the 36th Infantry, Iowa Volunteers.

Yogi Berra -- The Yogi Berra Museum & Learning Centerís mission is to educate and inspire all people, especially children

Center for History of Physics history of modern physics and allied fields including astronomy and more

History Learning Site Essays on a Range of Subjects, Available for Viewing Online.

Smithsonian  Museum of American History.

BBC -- History Section.

History & Politics Out Loud Recordings of Historical and Political Speeches, Free by Streaming Audio. (Real Player required)

Paul Revere Virtual Museum Completed as A Schools of California Online Resource for Education (Score) Project.

Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History.

EyeWitness the past through personal narratives sources.

Mexico -- Splendors of Thirty Centuries

History Wired  This experimental site introduces visitors to some of the three million objects held by the National Museum of American History, Behring Center.

American Memory  Today in History. From the Library of Congress.

Colonial America  1600 through 1775, K12 Resources. Explore the Colonial Period of our history through the Internet. You'll find maps, lesson plans, bibliographies and curriculum content materials here.

4History 4Anything.com.

Hyper History  Over 2,000 files covering 3,000 years of world history.

School History.co.uk Interactive history games, Interactive history games, downloadable resources, Online lessons, History quizzes.

Mrs Donn's Special Sections Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Ancient India, Ancient China, Early Man, NW Pacific Coastal Indians, and more.

Born in Slavery  Slave Narratives from the Federal Writers' Project, 1936-1938 contains more than 2,300 first-person accounts of slavery and 500 black-and-white photographs of former slaves.

History Through Deaf Eyes  Gallaudet University is developing a travelling social history exhibition about deaf Americans.

20th Century Home Economics

Canadian Prime Ministers  

Naval Historical Center  The official history program of the Department of the US Navy.

Teaching History Methods.

WideHorizon Education Resources Programs for Teaching World History

History Happens  Free Music Videos on Historical Topics.

K-12 History on the Internet  Using the Multimedia Tools

Link Sites
Research on Latin America

Horus' Web Links to History Resources

Brown University Department of History


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Highland Clearances - BBC
Film and Radio Clips - Highlands & Islands

Scottish History
Scottish History At BBC
Scottish Timeline From The BBC
Scottish History At Electric Scotland
Scottish History Online
In Search Of Scotland - BBC
Neolithic Farmers Who Shaped  Scottish Landscape
Early People's Of Scotland
Early Scottish Church
Wars Of Independence
Renaissance & Reformation
Scotland In Europe
Scotland's Union With England
Scottish Enlightenment and Industrial Revolution
Victorian Scotland
Modern Scotland

The Scottish National Archives Network
Access the Scottish National Archives from this website.

The Heraldry Society of Scotland
Founded in 1977 to promote the study of heraldry.

DISPATCH - Scottish Military History and Regiments Journal - Information on military history and Scottish Regiments

Military History - The bi-monthly Magazine

History of Scotland - A history project from Fortrose Academy

National Museums of Scotland for a virtual tour

Historic Scotland

Royal Commission on Ancient and Historic Monuments

The Book of Deer
The Book of Deer is a tenth century illuminated manuscript from North East Scotland. As the only pre-Norman manuscript from this area known as "former Pictland" it provides us with a unique insight into the early church, culture and society of this period.

History Of The Northern Constabulary
A short history of the police in the north of Scotland

National Library Of Scotland

Old Maps - UK