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Scotland’s definitive drugs information gateway – providing information for young people, parents, relatives, friends and communities.

Media Facts
From the Wellcome Trust research aimed at the media to help them write about the facts and not the myths.  One of the best clear explanations of drugs issues around.

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Behavioural Patterns of Drug Users In Highland

For men with health problems see the leaflet reproduced here for contacts. 
The Health Education Board for Scotland  information on drugs pointers to assistance

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A Parents Guide

Where you can go for help.

Below are details of the places where you can get general information and advice or where you can go for help if your child is using drugs.

If you are worried about your child and drugs, you shouldn't feel that its something you have to deal with alone.  There are plenty of places where people are happy to discuss your fears with you and offer you more information and advice.  these are given below.

National Drug Helpline

Your Family Doctor

Your own doctor is a very good source of advice and information on what services are available locally.  Remember the doctor won't think its strange or that you are overreacting if you ask for help or advice.

Local Information Services

A very useful service which provides information about where to find help is available locally through your health promotion or health education department.  the staff don't actually advise themselves but they'll give you details about local support groups which deal with a wide variety of health problems, and send you helpful leaflets.  look under the name of your health board in the phone book.  
Highland Health Board
Or click here for a list of Scottish Health Boards.

Scottish Drugs Forum

SDF provides a range of information on drugs, drug agencies and support services in your area.  they can be contacted, during office hours on Glasgow 0141 221 175,
Edinburgh 0131 228 2225, Dundee 01382 201016.

Specialist Drugs Agencies

In Scotland there are almost 100 services which help people who've become involved in drugs.  they operate at local level and are run by health boards, the social work department or voluntary agencies.  As well as helping people directly, they can also give you general advice.  for details phone the National Drug Helpline 0800 77 66 00

Family Support Groups

It can be very helpful if you're finding it difficult to cope with the fact your child has become involved with drugs to speak to other parents who've been through the same thing.  These groups offer help to parents and get them together with other families who can help each other.  Contact Scottish Drugs Forum - See numbers above for more details of groups in your area.




Turning Point's Drug World

Drugs Aware



Scotland Against Drugs

Scottish Drugs Forum (SDF)


WHO Substance Abuse

Scottish Drugs Forum Web Site
Has growing information and links to other web sites.

Drug Misuse In Scotland

Drug Education Forum

Special Needs & Drug Education

Drugs Resource Net

Trashed  The Drugs Web Site

Crew 2000 - Help for Drug Takers
Fast Forward Drugs info for young people and training for adults.

All the latest facts and figures on drug taking in the UK

European Monitoring Centre For Drugs & Drug Addiction

Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission

US State Department - Columbia

Looking For Funding For A Project
Try the Highland Way Web Site

Check Links then Funding

Centre for Drug Misuse Research, Glasgow University

Department of Addictive Behaviour and Psychological Behaviour

Drug Misuse Research Unit, University of Manchester

European Working Group on Drug Orientated Research (EWDOR)

Society for the Study of Addiction to Alcohol and other Related Drugs

National Treatment Outcome Research Study (NTORS)

Drug Misuse Research

1 August 05

- Smoking heroin leads to addiction -

A new hard hitting advertising campaign highlighting the dangers of smoking heroin is set to launch across Scotland on Monday 8 August 2005 by Know the Score, the Scottish Executive’s programme to reduce drugs misuse in Scotland.

The core campaign message ‘smoking heroin leads to addiction’ is communicated through a detailed TV advert, which shows the decline into addiction from smoking heroin and the associated deterioration of lifestyle and health.

The campaign has been designed to educate and inform young adults of the dangers of smoking heroin in the perceived at risk category aged 16-19 year olds primarily as well as the two secondary audiences: 20-25 year olds and 13-16 year olds.   The TV advert will run on television on Scottish Television, Channel four and five from 8 August to 13 September and will be supported by outdoor advertising, bus interiors, broadcast radio and media relations in the press.

The advert effectively shows the impact of addiction and opens with a young man smoking heroin in his living room in the luxury of his flat. As he continues to breathe in the heroin, his personal appearance and surroundings start to deteriorate; as his possessions disappear; his appearance becomes dishevelled. The closing image is lasting and shows the character staring at a needle, realising he has lost everything and who cares about nothing but heroin.

Further details and facts on heroin and drugs can be found at www.knowthescore.info or by calling the Know the Score information line on 0800 587 587 9.

 Heroin – The Facts

  • It is estimated from the various appropriate stat databases (medical, crime etc) that there were 51,582 drug mis-users in Scotland in 2003/4 (SDMD)

  • This figure corresponds to 1.84% of the population aged between 15 and 54 (SDMD) Of the total drug users attending services:

  • 71% (7,813 people) were heroin users - a drop of 5% since 2002/3

  • of the 7,813 individuals who reported heroin use, 92% reported it as their main drug of

  • around 58% of heroin users inject the drug

  • of these, 38% reported that they were in their teens when they first injected. This has fallen from 42% in 1999/00.

  • currently, 72% of those under 20 years old claim that they have never injected – smoking it instead

  • 34% of those injecting had recently shared needles

  • 49% had shared other paraphernalia (spoons/water/filters/solutions etc) – both stats unchanged since 2002/3; Needle and paraphernalia sharing will lead to transference of infections amongst drug users who are injecting (most significant being the HIV virus and hepatitis C)

  • 2.578 people attended A&E hospital departments as a result of opiate abuse in 2003/4

  • gender split is estimated to be male 69% and female 31%


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