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Directories and Search Engines

Google Zeitgeist
Gives a monthly report on the most popular searches in various countries including the UK

Google Tour
Take the tour to find out all about how to use Google for information , business and fun.

Google Viewer
Lets you to view Google results as a slide show.

All That Google Stuff
Search more than 2 billion Web pages.
Google Image Search
Search through over 330 million images.
Google Groups
Archive of nearly every Usenet newsgroup posting since 1981.
Google Directory
Open Directory Project Web directory with over 2 million pages with a Google interface ("Google's Yahoo").
Google Catalog Search
Searchable collection of over 4,200 mail order catalogues.
Google's Language Tools

Google Advanced Search offers great features.

Google Groups

Google Images Search
The latest Google engine under test.  Will fetch you pictures from all over the web

Google Preference Search allows you to remember your favorite settings. For example, you can make it always display 100 results per page when you come to the site, rather than this being a one-off choice that the advanced search page allows. Language preferences can be set, and you are finally able to set Google's "SafeSearch" porn filter to work before you do a search.

Google Preference Search - Select A Language

Want lots of searches in one place?  Then try Searchgateway which has lots of search engines grouped together and lots of other useful tools. 

Simpli Lets you select a subject area before the search.

If you ever wonder about plagiarism then here is a web site to help.
Findsame will search the web after you upload or paste an article an article, piece of work or a web site address and then match the same phrases or sentences and tell you where it comes from.  Check out which authors are using other peoples stuff or anything you want to find a source for.

Web Check

Search the Web.
Remember to search Caithness.org go to the foot of this and every page 

For information using your postcode 
Search Yellow Pages, Thomsons, Scoot and provide a wide variety of information and rough maps.  Not so good on Caithness but huge databases getting bigger all the time at 

Royal Mail Web Site    Postcodes Online

Telephone Directory Enquiries in UK

Search Engine Colossus

Search Engine Watch
Guide to search engines - Lots of advice eg how to set up to filter out bad stuff for kids.

50 States Search Engine and Listings

Excite Precision Search

UK Directory

Spyonit will collect information for you and forward it to you as it becomes available

Flyswat  for a unique search idea.

Yellow Pages Online

Who Where

Find a Person or Business in USA


Classics Search  - University of Kentucky

Top Click

IX Quick -Metasearch


X-Refer  UK Based on reference books.

CEO Express  for quick links to web sites


Directory of Web Sites


UK Max

Search UK

UK Plus

All The Web




www.northernlight.com  Northern Light

www.hotbot.com  HotBot

www.google.com  Google

www.lycos.co.uk  Lycos

www.infojump.com  InfoJump -  
Searches newspapers, journals, magazines, ezines  - 4000 

Microsoft's Latest Search Engine  http://search.msn.com/

www.yahoo.com   Yahoo

www.yahooligans.com For children and wont give adult information.

www.altavista.com     Alta Vista.  Lots of search and try out BabelFish to translate from or to lots of languages.

www.miningco.com    The Mining Co. mines the net for you.

www.mp3.lycos.com    Lycos search engine. Good for MP3 music.

www.streetmap.co.uk   Atlas road maps of the UK and street maps of London.

www.scoot.co.uk    Scoot directory searching by category.

www.yell.co.uk    Yellow pages on line.

www.dejanews.com    Over 25000 discussion groups on all sorts of topics.

www.askjeeves.com    Ask it where to find what you want and it goes and gets it.

www.hotbot.com    Search engine. Very good on people’s names.

www.c4.com       C4 a meta search engine just started August 1999

www.surfwax.com   Surfwax

www.looksmart.com/live/       Has 200 editors to answer questions and help users find information.

www.northernlight.com    Makes lots of matches and supplies folders in categories to try.

www.infoseek.com    Ask using normal sentences.

www.answers.co.uk  Ask questions about anything.  You may well find the answer here.

www.excite.com    Summaries of search shown to you first.

www.dogpile.com  Searches the major search engines for you and groups the responses.

www.webcrawler.com   Rates sites and searches for what they consider the best.

www.quoteland.com  Lots of quotes from Quoteland.

www.startlintech.com  Quotations Page organised into topics.

www.metacrawler.com Metacrawler will remove multiple matches and organise info in groups.

www.lifestyle.co.uk  Lifestyle UK for sites specific to the UK.

www.ukindex.co.uk  UK Index for UK specific sites.

http://bubl.ac.uk  BUBL - Academic information using Dewey decimal system.  Bulletin Board.

Search Engines Worldwide

White Pages Search for people and businesses

Still not found it.  Then Try Web Ring World

Search For USA Government information via a special Google search engine in our USA page

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Google Blog Search

Academic Index
The Academic Index was created and is maintained by Dr. Michael Bell, former chair, Texas Association of School Librarians. The Academic Index is a true meta-search tool that includes results from mega-information databases that index only research-quality reference and information sources selected by professional librarians, educators, and educational and library consortia.

All Info About
A chance for anyone to set up their own site free of charge or just browse the increasing topics

Clustered Hits
This site uses the Open Directory Project (DMOZ) database and software developed by ClusteredHits.com. Any intranet or portal can use their own data and our software to display the results of a keyword search. Displays will always show the hits in well-organized clusters and sub-clusters.

Search Engine Dictionary
An A - Z of everything to do with search engines.


New set up for this search engine now a meta-search engine integrating Google, FAST Inktomi, and Teoma.

Lets you see what everyone is searching for and updates every 15 seconds


Teoma  - another search engine getting going.

All Search Engines
A metasearch engine that offers results from six UK-focused search engines -- Overture UK, Yahoo UK, Mirago UK, AltaVista UK and MSN UK. You can search for MP3s (three UK sources) and images (two UK sources.)

Turbo 10

Search Enginez


Board Reader
Searches Message Boards and Forums

Incy Wincy Catchy name and it works too.  If it cannot find something it invisibly refers to other search engines.  Just wait a second or two and it bounces back with the information.  It can access 100,000 search engines.


For info fast, dial Find11.com

Buzz Index -The most popular search terms at Yahoo

For Medical Information use The Medical Search Engine
Search Medical sites for