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Debt Advice

If you are in debt you can get lots of free help and advice. Be very wary about paying for advice or temptation to take out further loans to relieve the position.
There are many debt management companies but they usually re-arrange your finances for a fee or get commission for making new loan arrangements.
If you are already in debt don't make matters worse by borrowing more.  Get advice from
Citizens Advice Bureau - Caithness

or Highland Council Money Advice Service

Getting Out of Debt

Creating a Budget

Living Below your Means

Sort Out Your finances - Where To Start

Sort Out Your Finances - Clear Your Debts

Sort Out your Finances - Credit Cards

Sort Out Your Finances - Overdrafts

Sort Out Your Finances - Store Cards

national debt line

The Helpline is relevant to Scotland  and provides FREE CONFIDENTIAL and INDEPENDENT advice on how to deal with debt problems. You can call free on 0808 808 4000.

The service also uses Language Line to help those whose first language is other than English.

Especially useful is the debt advice section, which includes a self-help pack Dealing with your debts and a personal budget sheet.

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Basic Action on Debts
People may know what to do about their debts but here is a basic list of suggestions -
Write down a list of your total income and outgoings.
Write down all of your expenses including travel and food.
Remember all annual expenses such as car insurance and Christmas and spread the cost over 12 months.
Regular expenses such as electricity should be considered for direct debits.
Check that your overdraft is authorised by the bank as charges are high for unauthorised borrowing.
Cut up credit cards if your spending is out of control.
Do not use store cards as interest charges are high.
Consider payment protection plans
Do not ignore letters from companies.  Even if you do not have the money call and explain.
Contact everybody you owe money to and set up a payment plan.  Most people will listen if you are taking steps to sort things out.
If you can only afford one payment your mortgage if you have one is top priority.  check if you can re-arrange the payments but take independent advice first.
Avoid consolidation of debts which rolls it all into one.  The packages usually have high interest rates
and charge high fees.
If you are still not sure or want re-assurance contact a free, independent adviser.

Citizens Advice Bureau can help.
Check out their web site at www.adviceguide.org
or contact National Debtline 0808 8084000
Cosumer Credit Councelling 0800 1381111

The UK Insolvency Helpline

The UK National Insolvency Helpline can assist with your debt problems for
individuals and Companies, large and small. If you or your business have a
money problem, to whom would you turn? How much are you really worth? Would
you recognise the warning signs of over committment or insolvency?

We specialise in giving small and medium size companies and individuals who
are experiencing cash flow problems the benefit of a fresh start, allowing
them to achieve their full profit potential.

We are always available through our Business Support Scheme to advise you on
any aspect of your business or personal financial situation.
The UK Insolvency Helpline
Richard Sorsky Senior Manager Tel: 0800 074 6918 mail: info@insolvencyhelpline.co.uk
web: www.insolvencyhelpline.co.uk

Debt On Our Doorstep

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