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Telephone Preference Service
A FREE service to stop sales people calling your number.
The Telephone Preference Service (TPS) helps you to make sure your telephone number is no longer available to organisations who may telephone you with offers and information you do not wish to receive.

Fax Preference Service
A FREE service to stop advertising faxes coming to you.
Web site www.fpsonline.org.uk   or telephone 020 7291 3330
Simply get your fax number added to the list FREE of charge and marketers are obliged by law to check if you are on it before sending you advertising faxes unrequested.  If they do you can complain to the FPS.



Highland consumers are being warned not to fall for the latest telephone prize draws offers which claim that a guaranteed massive cash prize, luxury car or dream holiday is only a telephone call away.  Similar to the free scratch-card "prize draws" regularly found in magazines and newspapers, consumers are now being targeted by telephone.  Householders receiving unsolicited phone calls are .....................