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Information Technology Construction Best Practice

Information Technology:  Related to Construction
www.ukonlineforbusiness.gov.uk UK Online for Business
www.m4I.org.uk Movement for Innovation
www.ciboard.org.uk Construction industry Board
www.bre.co.uk BRE
www.construct-it.salford.ac.uk Construct IT
www.ccta.gov.uk Central Computer and Telecommunications
www.iai.org.uk International Alliance for Interoperability
software.foraec.com CONNET (software)
www.cbpp.org.uk CBPP
www.construction.detr.gov.uk DETR
www.cica.org.uk Construction Industry Computing Association
www.cite.org.uk Construction Industry trading Electronically
www.rethinkingconstruction.org Rethinking Construction
www.thehousingforum.org.uk Housing Forum
www.timberbestpractice.org.uk Timber Best Practice
www.bsria.co.uk Building Services Construction Best Practice
www.knowledgeexchange.org.uk Knowledge Exchange
www.cic.org.uk/topic/topic.htm TOPIC
www.connet.org Construction Information Service Network (CONNET)
www.buildingbookshop.co.uk Building Centre Trust
www.thecc.org.uk Construction Confederation

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