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Princess Royal Trust For Carers

Care Commission
On this page you will find links to community care groups and community care information.  Also other links which may be useful for example advice or information services.  For other health related information try the Health Check page.
For local care support groups in Caithness try our Health and Welfare section.
A few helplines are listed in Helplines but there over 900 and new ones coming on all the time so you will find a link to the BT helplines list in that section. 
Ouch - Starts 16 August 04
BBC web site for young carers, parents and professionals.  Web site style is entertaining as well as providing information and articles.

Millan Committee
New Directions - Review of the Mental Health (Scotland)Act 1984 - Published January 2001

Alzheimer Scotland - 
specifically designed for people with alzheimers   -

Citizens Advice Bureaux http://www.adviceguide.org.uk 
Citizens Advice Bureau http://www.nacab.org.uk
London Advice Services Alliance http://www.lasa.org.uk/
The Site – Advice http://www.thesite.org/
Other Advice Links

Direct Payments Scotland

A to Z of Benefits
Entitled To Benefits

RightsNet – the website for welfare rights http://www.rightsnet.org.uk/index.html
The Site – Money http://www.thesite.org/info/money

CaF Factsheet: Caring for Children with a Disability http://www.cafamily.org.uk/students.html
Catholic Social Services Doorway

A Carers Agenda for the Scottish Parliament http://www.carers-connect.org.uk/cagenda.htm
Carers Web Site http://www.aqu.co.uk/carers/index.html
CNA – Who We Are - What We Do http://www.carersuk.demon.co.uk/
Manual for Carers
National Strategy for Carers http://www.doh.gov.uk/carers.htm
The New Carers Forum http://www.kirklees.gov.uk/environment/socserv/newcarer.html
Why do we care http://www.bbc.co.uk/education/carers/

Children / Young People
is a casstette library of recorded books for the Blind and Print Disabled.  They have over 800 specially recorded for children.  For more information phone 01296 432339
Britkid  http://www.britkid.org  A site about race, racism and growing up in Britain.  Many links and teachers resources.
Centre for Residential Child Care http://www.strath.ac.uk/Departments/CRCC/
Contact a Family http://www.cafamily.org.uk/   - Gives details of support groups for rare conditions around the UK.   Caithness Community Care Forum pays an annual subscription and the full details are available at Caithness Voluntary Group's office for perusal.
NCH Action for Children http://www.nchafc.org.uk/
National Children’s Bureau http://www.ncb.org.uk
National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children http://nspcc.org.uk
Rescue Foundation Fro Brain Injured Children http://www.rescuefoundation.org.uk/ 
Save the Children Fund http://www.oneworld.org/scf/

Community Care
Care Commission

Aidis Trust (Computer Communication System) http://www.aidis.org/
Allergy Induced Autism http://www.demon.co.uk/charities/AIA/aia10.htm
Arthritis Care
British Epilepsy Association http://www.epilepsy.org.uk/
CaF Factsheet: Caring for Children with a Disability http://www.cafamily.org.uk/students.html
Capability Scotland http://www.capability-scotland.org.uk/
Centre for Independent Living http://cil.gcal.ac.uk/
Computability http://www.healthworks.co.uk/daccess/D-access/D-Access_Organisations/Computability.htm
Disability – on the agenda http://www.disability.gov.uk/
Disability Directory http://www.disability.com
Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (text version) http://www.hmso.gov.uk/acts/acts1995/1995050.htm
Disability Net MP! Issue 20 http://www.disabilitynet.co.uk/index.shtml
Disability Net http://www.disabilitynet.co.uk/groups/musclepower/Issue20.html
Disability Now! http://disabilitynow.org.uk 
Disability Scotland http://www.disscot.gcal.ac.uk
Disability Zone – Radio 4 http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/disability/index.shtml
Disabled Living Foundation http://www.atlas.co.uk/dlf/
Epilepsy Association of Scotland http://www.epilepsyscotland.org.uk/epilepsy/indexfrm.htm
Info and Advice for Disabled People http://members.aol.com/dialuk
Leonard Cheshire Foundation http://www.lcf.org.uk
Lets Face It http://www.personal.u-net.com/~lfi/    Support group for facially disfigured of all ages.
"Making Connections" Project http://www.connections.gcal.ac.uk/
Muscle Power http://www.disabilitynet.co.uk/groups/musclepower
Multiple Sclerosis
National Osteoporosis Society
Neuropathy Trust

OFTEL – consultation on telephone services for disabled people http://www.oftel.gov.uk
People With Multiple Sclerosis http://www.ifmss.org.uk/newpwms/default.htm
Remploy, Direct Training (European Catalyst) http://vertou/demon.co.uk
National Autistic Society http://www.oneworld.org/autism_uk/
Scottish Accessible Information Forum  www.connections.gcal.ac.uk/saif/  
UK Disability Equipment Register http://dspace.dial.pipex.com/town/square/ae208/

Drugs and Alcohol
Alcohol Concern http://www.alcoholconcern.org.uk
Institute for the Study of Drug Dependency http://www.isdd.co.uk
The Site – Alcohol http://www.thesite.org/405
The Site – Drugs http://www.thesite.org/406

Employment in Community Care
Community Care

Strategy for Carers in Scotland

Holidays and Respite Care
Winged Fellowship Trust http://www.wft.org.uk  
Winged Fellowship Trust

Modernising Community Care - The Housing Contribution

Learning Disability
Scottish Consortium For Learning Disability
Cornerstone Community Care http://www.rsc.co.uk/charities/cornerstone
MENCAP http://www.mencap.org.uk
Values into Action http://www.demon.co.uk/via

Mental Health
Depression Alliance www.depressionalliance.org 
National Schizophrenia Fellowship (Scotland)

News in Community Care
Community Care News

Older People
Age Concern England http://www.ace.org.uk/
Dementia Services Development Centre University of Stirling   Large number of publications -books, videos etc available for sale.
Help The Aged http://www.helptheaged.org.uk/mainfront.html
Royal Commission on Long-Term Care of the Elderly http://www.open.gov.uk/royal-commission-elderly/

Physical Disability
Lincolnshire Post Polio Netowrk http://www.zynet.co.uk/ott/polio/lincolnshire
Miscellaneous http://www.ifmss.org.uk/misc/misc.htm
PHAB Scotland http://www.phab.org.uk/frame1.htm
Scope http://www.scope.org.uk/
Official PHAB Federation Web Site http://www.phab.org.uk/
Stuart Resource Centre http://www.ms-src.demon.co.uk/
The World of Multiple Sclerosis http://www.ifmss.org.uk/

Community Care Providers, Scotland - Association of Voluntary Sector Organisations

Sensory Impairment
British Deaf Association http://www.bda.org.uk
DeafBlind UK

Deaf Blindness Web Resource

A to Z Deafblindness

Royal National Institute for the Blind http://www.rnib.org.uk

National Library for the Blind

Visual Impairment Scotland

Research Etc
Nuffield Centre for Community Care Studies
SPRING (Special Parkinson's Research Interest Group)

British Ski Club for the Disabled (BSCD) http://www.bscd.org.uk/bscd
British Wheelchair Sports Foundation (BWSF) http://info.lut.ac.uk/research/paad/wheelpower/home.html
Disability Sport England http://www.euroyellowpages.com/dse/dispengl.html
International Blind Sports Association http://www.ibsa.es
Sport http://www.netlink.co.uk/users/pia.it21_7.htm
Uphill Ski Club of Great Britain http://www.geocities.com/Yosemite/Trails/7389/

Wheel Chair Travel - tips for Planning a holiday

UK Registered Charities Listings

To find medical information use The Medical Search Engine
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