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Chat Rooms For You

There are millions of Chat Rooms, Discussion Forums, Newsgroups and Message Boards here are a few ideas to get you started.  If new to it have a look at  Chat Thoughts at the bottom of this page.

Freeserve Chat

Yep - The latest from Microsoft allows real time live chats and has several useful features such as the ability to lead each other around and leave notes for each other.  Download the plug-in at Yep

Get Gooey  For real time conversations.
Virtual Zones


Dejanews 20,000 news groups

Dobedo Aimed at Teenagers

Virgin Celebrity chats etc

Handbag Women's site from Boots the Chemist

Onseniors For the over 50's

Datemaker  8200 members

Yack Listings of live events and chats of celebrities

Chat NCbuy All sorts of chats

Iwanatalk lots of topics to choose from

Forumone Over 250,000 discussion sites listed.

ICQ I Seek You - Install the software and open up all sorts of possibilities to keep in touch with friends and relatives on the net.  Speech is possible once both parties have set it up.

Search for Usenet Newsgroups

Real Time Chat Web Rings - Masses of Topics

Chat Thoughts for New Chatters
Millions of people are doing it and finding out things or just passing the time speaking others with similar interests but observe some basic rules -

Don't give your address or phone number.  you do not know who is reading your messages.

Kids chat rooms are strictly monitored by the larger providers.

Use another identity to preserve  - this may seem odd to those new to chat rooms but is common on the net.  Women may want to use a mans name or something neutral.

Larger chat rooms often have hosts or moderators to ensure the rules are observed and you can complain to them about anyone breaking them.