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Electronic Text Center Collections

Full Books.com

Robert Burns - the lot
Starn  Scottish Teaching & Research Network - Scottish Etexts
Project Gutenburg - Huge Project
First Books Library - 2000 books online
Saftek Electronic Books

Project Bartleby
- classics in HTML format
On-line Books Library

Internet Classic Archive
- classics by 59 authors - so far
University of Pennsylvania
- more than 10000 and lots of links
American Literary Classics. "A chapter a day."
The Alex Library
- Building classics from Berkeley
The Age of Chivalry or the Legends of King Arthur
OnLine Literature Library
Philosophy e-texts
- from Virginia university
Banned Books On-line - books that have been the object of censorship from Ulysses to Little Red Riding Hood.

- major library of fiction and reference
BookValley.com - library of classic novels
Nubooks - claims to be a portal to 10,000 online books
William Blake Archive
The World of Dante
Shelley. Complete Poetical Works.
Jane Austen
H P Lovecraft

Alive & Free - free works of living authors (for a change)
Great Writers and Poets - links to many authors, Nobel/Pulitzer awards

- library of Irish literature
Blackmask Online - classic mystery novels in public domain
African American Women Writers the 19th Century
Victorian Women Writers Project (VWWP) [Indiana]
The National Women's History Project
Women and the Civil War - Resources at Duke
Electronic Text Collections in European Literature
Free Library of Classics
FreeLit - HTML formatted texts
Lady Liberty: The Changing Face of American Freedom
Concordances of Great Books
Corpus Of Modern English Texts - library including Scottish texts not available anywhere else
Digitized Library of Southern Literature: Beginnings to 1920
The Wilkie Collins Etext Page (compendium of his works)
Free Library of Classics
Gibson Digital Library - project Gutenberg mirror site
Internet Library of Early Journals
Kirkpatrick Library - personal collection of literature
Literary History Of The American West
Litrix Reading Room - online texts including a section on literature of the North Country.
Le Chateau - French literature
Libros en Red - Spanish literature
Luminarium - Medieval, Renaissance and 17th century English literature.
Marxists Internet Archive
Mission Creep Online Publishing - anthology of humor, comics, stories, poetry, and art (with emphasis on artists from Philadelphia)
Naked Word - e-books and e-texts in plain text and HTML format
National Academy Press Reading Room 
National Library of Canada Electronic Collection
Native-American Texts - from U Virginia
Online Literature Library - personal collection of classics
Online Medieval and Classical Library
Online Reference Book For Medieval Studies - Library - lots of full texts here
Perseus Project - evolving digital library of Greek classics
Read It Connected - Plutarch to Bunyan to Dickens
Renascence Editions - 17th & 18th English classics
Restoration Movement Writers - extensive texts
Edmund Spenser Home Page - life & works incl. The Faerie Queene
Project Runeberg - Nordic texts
Russian Classical Library
Southwestern U.S. Classics Online - from the Lone Star junction
Stony Run - texts from 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries
Texts about the American Civil War - from U Virginia
Thomas Jefferson Online Resources - from U Virginia
Unforgettable Letters - letters, including love letters, presidential letters, and letters to Santa, from the U.S. Postal Service!
Browser Books - books and a whole lot more
Lost Poets of the Great War

Online Books Archives - Topics
The Great Books
New Listings at Upenn
The Online Books Page - Over 10,000 titles
The Online Books Page by Subject
A Celebration of Women Writers
Search by Century or Country
This page lists freely accessible archives of serials (such as magazines, journals, newspapers, and other periodicals).
Abika Free Books
Internet Public Library - Online Texts - about 13000
Books Online - Over 14000
Electronic Books Frpm Wiretrap
Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts
Encyclopedia of Mythology
Folk and Fairy Tales From Around the World
Online Poetry
British Poetry 1780 - 1910
British Women Romantic Poets 1789 - 1832
The CMU Poetry Index of Canonical Verse
Electronic Poetry Center
Barleby.com - Literature Poetry and more
Poets Corner
The Poetry Pond
Web Poetry Corner
Atlantic Monthly Poetry Pages
The Book of Mormon
The Holy Qu'ran
Hypertext Bible
The Online Books Page
Canonical Poetry - lots of famous poems here
Drama Plays
Novels - Lots of classics
Short Fiction
Grimms Fairy Tales - 209 Stories

New Listings at Books Online at University of Pennsylvania

Search for Ebooks Online at Universiy of Pennsylvania
The Modern English collection - about 5000 books
Texts for Young Readers
Etexts on the American Civil War
Best Sellers 1900 - 1930
Literature in Translation
Texts by Women Writers
The Naked World - vintage fiction
Eldritch Press - Thousands of Books
Litrix - Reading Room
The Etext Archives
PSU Electronic Classics Site
University Of Californai - E-editions
University of Chicago - Electronic Stacks
National Library of Canada
The Oxford Text Archive
Wiretap - Electronic Text Archive
The Universal Library - hosted by Carnegie Mellon University
Antique Books
Machine Intelligence and Robotics - a NASA report
Numerical Recipes C and Fortran
University of Texas Books on the Internet - this is a big list of other sources
Free Computer and Internet Books - Online
IT Knowledge
Early English Books Online 1475 - 1700
National Academy Press Archive
Humanities Text Initiative
University of Virginia Etexts

Electornic Frontier RIP Bill Etc  is everything on this page in danger.  You bet.

Electronic Text Collections in European Literature

An Online Repository of Works
Printed in English Between the Years 1477 and 1799

Full Texts at Eserver

Pre-1650 books in Spok's List

Arts & Sciences Web Pages - Online Books

Cornell University Digital Collections
Many topics and still growing

Eserver Books

Early Church Fathers - 37 volumes - free to download -First 800 years of the church.

Texts, manuscripts and Palaeography
Medieval Studies at Purdue

The Robin Hood Project -the early poems

Electronic Access to Manuscripts

The Global Catholic Network - -Over 9000 documents available

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