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Adventures of
Olaf Battleaxe


The History of Caithness is wrapped in legends of Norse invaders, who settled here and have given much to our local identity - many of our local place names are of Norse origin. If you are out on the town on a Saturday night you may still see several warriors frequenting the pubs - searching for fair maidens, ale and adventure.

Olaf (Battleaxe) Svenson is joining our team, Battleaxe is his nickname and he hates it - so it's  Mr Svenson to you.   Olaf has a pet raven called Thorfinn who is his best friend and his conscience - you'll want to wring the scruffy bird's neck.  Follow his adventures in our joke pages and look out for him sneaking in anywhere around the site - like all good Vikings he is an opportunist.

Olaf's Adventures