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When the farms were enclosed at Latheron and Latheronwheel, the previous tenant crofters had to find new homes. Some built houses on the commons and began to cultivate the heathery ground.  One croft was left at Latheronwheel, as it was outside of the lone of squared fields.  In 1800 Latheron belonged to a Mr Traill, Latheronwheel to Mr Benjamin Dunbar.

In the 19th century the strath of Latheronwheel had more and more crofts due to evictions from Sutherland, no rent was paid until the house was built and the crop gathered.

The farm Shantry just north of Latheronwheel on the East Side of the A9 was built for a Dr Burn, whose coachman lived on the opposite side of the road in the house now known as Cnocan. Shantry means “a place of worship for travellers” and it is possible that there previously was a wayside cross here.