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Missing Cat - Thurso - From Mrs Lydia Bain and Family
Our cat went missing some time ago but has been seen from time to time.  Her name is Roxette which she answers too ,she is 8 years old, she used to live with us at the end of Springpark Terrace near Charlie's farm until March this year.   We then moved over to Pennyland, 8 St Peters Rd   She took a week or so to settle in as it was the first time she had moved but then she seemed ok. After a couple of weeks she went of hunting as usual but never came back, she loves farms rats etc and could be hiding at the Mart, High School area but Charlie Angus has said that she was back at his farm hunting for a while.   She is nervous around people.  She is a tabby cat with distinctive markings, she has what looks like white mittens on her front paws and like long white boots on her back paws she has a white belt of fur across her tummy but doesnt like people touching her tummy so watch there hands!:-)   She also has a tiny speck of white on her nose.   A lot of tabby cats look the same but if a cat has these exact markings then sure it will be her.   If someone does know of her whereabouts and is sure it is her then if they catch me they can call me day or night
It is 9 months next month since she went missing!
I know she is still alive as she has been caught before but the people kept her locked inside while they waited for the sspca to find her owner but she got to upset and had to let her out!

Call  Mrs Lydia Bain Tel 01847 893270