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2001 Population Census

The Census Day (29th April 2001) population has now been released. As the Census is the only national survey to be based on a 100% count rather than a sample, it is an extremely important source of information, providing an accurate snapshot of the socio-economic characteristics of Scotland's people. The results of the 2001 Census are being released in two stages. This is the first stage and includes the resident populations on Census night by age-group and sex. The remaining data will be released by March 2003. The Census data has been slightly adjusted to provide the mid year population estimates for 2001.  Due to changes in methodology between the 1991 and 2001 Censuses it is more accurate to compare mid year estimates between these dates, and so a summary of the 2001 population data for Highland is given below. The full Census population/mid-year estimate results and background information to the 2001 Census can be accessed from the GROS website: 2001 Census Results

The tables below shows that Highland's population in June 2001 was 208,920, 51% of which were female and 49% male. The population of Scotland was 5,064,200, of which 52% were female and 48% male. Overall, population has increased in Highland by 2.4% since 1991. This is in contrast to the national picture which saw a fall in population between 1991 and 2001 of 0.8%.

 Population, Highland & Scotland, 2001

  Male Female Total
Highland 102,281 106,639 208,920
Scotland 2,433,733 2,630,467 5,064,200

Population change, Highland & Scotland, 1991-2001

  1991 2001 % change
Highland 204,100 208,920 2.4%
Scotland 5,107,000 5,064,200 -0.8%

The resident population of Scotland on Census Day (29 April 2001) was 5,062,011, of which 52 per cent were female and 48 per cent were male.  Children aged 15 and under accounted for 19 per cent of the population, people of working age (16-59F/64M) accounted for 62 per cent, and people of retirement age (60F/65M +) accounted for the remaining 19 per cent.   This is the first time that people past retirement age have outnumbered people under the age of 16.

The Census Day population in the United Kingdom was 58.8 million. Of this, 83.6 per cent were resident in England, 8.6 per cent in Scotland, 4.9 per cent in Wales and 2.9 per cent in Northern Ireland. The population of Scotland has fallen by about 2 per cent over the past 20 years, a decrease of some 116,000 since 1981.

The census web site contains lots of information and much more is yet to be published