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Summer Visitors Entertain Summer Visitors!
Visitors to Caithness Candles at John O'Groats are being entertained by three pairs of House Martins who have built their nest under the eaves of the building, close to the showroom entrance.

The birds swoop around the front of the building catching insects. We think that they are still sitting on eggs. Judging by last year when there were two nests, they become frantic in their efforts to keep up with their youngsters' growth.

Some people enjoyed watching the young learning to fly last year so much that they have asked to be informed when 'flying lessons' start so that they can witness the few days training the young get before their long trip South.

In the meantime, sitting outside on one of the benches with a Capaldis ice cream, and watching the birds is part of many visitors holiday.

House Martins are a protected species as their numbers are in decline, but they obviously like John O'Groats as their summer home.