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On the 50th Anniversary of UKAEA Dipesh Shah the Chief Executive Dipesh Shah mulls over the achievements of the past 50 years.

Today the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority celebrates its 50th Anniversary.  On 19 July 1954 UKAEA came into being as the body responsible for taking forward the atomic energy research programme from the Ministry of Supply.  Over the following years UKAEA pioneered the development of an entire industry and went on to spearhead many other scientific and technological advances.  Today, its pioneering role continues in its equally challenging tasks of nuclear site restoration and leading the UK's
contribution to the international fusion programme.

I am fortunate that UKAEA is celebrating its Golden Jubilee during my watch as CEO.  UKAEA can be proud of its achievements over the past fifty years made possible by the commitment and innovative thinking of our workforce.  We are about to enter a new chapter with the formation of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority and the fast track development of fusion.  I am sure the qualities that have sustained UKAEA for five decades will ensure our continuing success as we start our next fifty years together.

The following are just some of UKAEA's achievements to date -

  • Designed and built the world's first commercial nuclear power station which led to ten further Magnox-type stations. 

  • We also built the prototype for the next generation of Advanced Gas-cooled Reactors.

  • Developed the UK's fast reactor research programme with two major reactors and fuel cycle facilities at Dounreay

  • Successfully diversified its expertise into non-nuclear sectors, now taken forward as a business by AEA Technology plc.

  • Established a world-leading role for the UK in research into fusion as a clean energy technology for future generations.

  • Pioneered a new approach to nuclear decommissioning and site restoration with challenging targets for the clean-up of its nuclear sites.

  • Laid strong foundations for the future of former nuclear sites as science and technology business centres.

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