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AEA Batteries The Best By Millions Of Miles
As science enthusiasts celebrate the initial success of Mars Express's mission, scientists at AEA Battery Systems are also celebrating their role in the mission... the power behind the science.

As European space science takes a great leap forward with the broadcasting today of the first video sequence featuring famous Martian landmarks and other initial results of the Mars Express orbiter's mission, British scientists from AEA Battery Systems, who provide the power to the Mars Express, are among many raising their hopes of discovering the lost Beagle 2 Lander.

AEA Battery Systems designed, developed and tested the battery which is at the core of the central power subsystem of the Mars Express orbiter, delivering energy to the seven instruments which are conducting the remarkable science seen over the past few days.  However, AEA's Lithium-ion battery on Mars Express also supported the orbiter's renewed search for the Beagle 2 Lander over this weekend.

The renewed effort to find Beagle 2 comes as NASA scientists report their own problems with the NASA rover 'Spirit' and as they brace themselves for the successful landing of their other Mars Rover, 'Opportunity' which touched down on the opposite side of Mars.

The Beagle 2 team hope that a period of 10 days where no attempts to communicate with Beagle 2 will force the Lander into a communication mode that should ensure that the transmitter is switched on for the majority of the daytime on Mars, thus improving the chance of Mars Express to establish contact.

Dave Loughborough, AEA Battery Systems managing director says, "AEA is proud to be part of the pioneering spirit associated with the Mars Express mission and the imminent search for Beagle 2. This mission adds another first to our portfolio of successes"

AEA are pioneers of Lithium-ion technology, having originally invented and patented Lithium-ion materials technology in 1979, developed the first Lithium-ion battery in space, and in the military sector our batteries will be powering the UK MoD's new BOWMAN Communications system, which represents the first large scale deployment of Lithium-ion for operational use.

AEA Battery Systems
AEA Battery Systems is a world-leading battery technology supplier. AEA's reputation derives from the Lithium-ion materials technology, which it originally patented. The company researches, designs, develops and manufactures advanced cells and battery packs for highly demanding markets including defence, aerospace, marine and medical. It has a specialist cell manufacturing Joint Venture Company, AGM Batteries Ltd, which uses the manufacturing and materials expertise of its partners - Japan Storage Battery Co., Ltd and Mitsubishi Materials Corporation to produce world leading products. The company employs 183 people in the UK between sites in Thurso, Glengarnock and Culham.

AEA Battery Systems is a wholly owned subsidiary of AEA Technology plc. AEA Technology plc has core businesses in environment and rail and a portfolio of development businesses to which AEA Battery Systems belongs.