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Northern Constabulary's festive drink drive figures are up on last years figures by 50%, however positive public feedback is the reason for the rise.   Last year 271 people were breathalysed with 62 people positive however of the 349 people breathalysed this year, 95 people proved to be over the limit.

The figures show that male drivers are still the highest with 86 men detected drinking and driving compared with last year's figure of 55 men being caught. 

Nine women have been detected during the 3 week campaign compared to 7 females in 2002/3.  Chief Superintendent Bruce Duncan, Head of Operations for Northern Constabulary said today "Whilst the figures may be on the rise I feel we have made a very positive impact on this years campaign. That is due in no small part to the members of the public who contacted us with names of people who were suspected to be drinking and driving. Our recent public survey showed that drinking and driving and road safety were priorities for the people of the Highlands and Islands and quite obviously we have the public on our side.

We have been very strong in our messages over the past few weeks and I believe that the drink drivers we have caught have kept death and misery off the roads.  We have stated that if you drink and drive in the Highlands and Islands you will be detected and bring shame on yourself, your family and your community.  By taking 95 drink drivers off the road over this festive season I believe we have kept heartache from the door of a number of Highland families."