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Despite bad weather causing a few transport difficulties, an exceptionally good turn-out was experienced for the clubs annual childrens tournament on Saturday 19th February 2005. Gold, Silver and Bronze medals were awarded in a total number of 14 events. Senior members and Instructors also gave various demonstrations throughout the course of the day.

Entrants competed in the “Kata” (formal exercises) and the various forms of “Kumite” (sparring) relevant to age and grade. Emphasis was placed on good basic techniques and body movement that are most important in effective defence and attack situations. This gives the youngsters a more practical approach to self defence in the long term, rather than “sparring for points”.
Results of the various events are as follows:

Under 9, White Belt Kata
1. Conor Logan
2. Robyn Logan
3. Catherine Greenford and Shaunna Malcolm (joint 3rd)

Age 9 – 11, White Belt Kata
1. Jennifer Gray
2. Iania Gray

Under 9, 9th Kyu – 8th Kyu Kata
1. Jordan Munro
2. Murray Grant
3. Alice Harper
Special award for effort went to Luke Greenford

Age 9 – 11, 9th Kyu – 8th Kyu Kata
1. Gary Beales
2. Charlie Logan
3. Craig Gerrie

Under 9, 7th Kyu – 6th Kyu Kata
1. Cameron Young
2. Calum Steven
3. Katie-Rose Macdonald

Age 9 – 11, 7th Kyu – 6th Kyu Kata
1. Rachel Munro
2. Paul Sinclair
3. Joe Davison

Age 9 – 11, 5th Kyu – 1st Kyu Kata
1. Michael Ritchie
2. Brian Sutherland
3. Cameron Tait
Age 12 – 14, 5th Kyu – 1st Kyu Kata
1. Raymond Paterson
2. Holly Owen

Under 9, White Belt – 8th Kyu Kumite
1. Conor Logan
2. Jordan Munro
3. Murray Grant

Age 9 – 11, White Belt – 8th Kyu Kumite
1. Charlie Logan
2. Gary Beales
3. Jennifer Gray and Craig Gerrie (joint 3rd)

7th Kyu Kumite
1. Calum Steven
2. Kate Sutherland
3. Katie-Rose Macdonald

6th Kyu – 5th Kyu Kumite
1. Brian Sutherland
2. Paul Sinclair
3. Cameron Young

Age 9 – 11, 5th Kyu – 1st Kyu Kumite
1. Michael Ritchie
2. Scott Steven
3. Cameron Tait and Donald Mowat (joint 3rd)

Age 12 – 14, Brown Belt Kumite winner, Holly Owen.

Childrens classes are held on Saturdays in Wick Assembly Rooms at 11.00 am and 12 noon.  Classes are held in Thurso on Mondays at 6.00pm in the British Legion Hall and Thursdays at 6.00pm in Mount Pleasant School Hall. For further details phone M.Tait on 01955 605865.