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Jacobite Quest
An event aimed at people who enjoy local history and the great outdoors has been organised in Fort Augustus area, taking place on Saturday 12th March starting at 12.30pm

Following a Jacobite theme, participants will go on a quest to make or gather supplies for the fleeing Prince Charles Edward Stewart. If they are successful and avoid capture by the Red Coats they will be rewarded by becoming custodians of certain parts of the Highland culture.

A joint collaboration between The Highland Council's Planning and Development Service Rangers, Forestry Commission Scotland, and Cill Chuimein Heritage Scociety, the event has been funded by the Partnership for Rural Inverness and Nairn (PRIN).

Bill Forest of PRIN said: "We are delighted to help in this project because of the innovative way that Highland culture is being delivered."

While Bonnie Prince Charlie hides out in the hills, in full re-enactment style, Glenaladale (Ray Owens of Highland Voices), Bonnie Prince Charlie's travel companion and Captain William Kennedy (Roland O'Brian), the scourge of the Highlands and the main Redcoat, will play a game of cat and mouse.

As this is going on Donald Grant (Andrew Ferguson) the local Tacksman who has been given permission for a public gathering from High Commissioner of Scotland, Duncan Forbes is caught in the middle in a valiant attempt to keep the Redcoats and Highlanders from slaughtering each other and everyone else.

The participants will be asked to help make supplies for the prince in his flight from the Redcoats and in return they will be trained in the Gaelic language, bagpipes and Highland weaponry. If the Highlanders manage to drive off the Redcoats, songs written by the 19th Century Gaelic Bard, Mari Mhr, will linger in the air as a singer from the Mari Mhr fellowship will sing as the participants leave.

Event organiser, Highland Council's Great Glen Way Ranger, Clelland McCallum, said: "This event is aimed at getting families out of doors in the lead up to Easter. We hope that everyone will enjoy themselves, especially the children, who we hope to encourage an interest in their culture and local environment."

A high turn out for the event, which is free of charge, is anticipated, therefore booking (from the beginning of March) is advisable by contacting the Forestry Commission Scotland office at Fort Augustus on tel: 01320 366322.

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