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The Highland Council, in partnership with Inverness City Centre Management Team and Northern Constabulary, is launching an anti-litter campaign in an effort to reduce the amount of litter and fly tipping incidents in the Inverness area. The drive began this week when the Council's Community Works staff, working in partnership with police officers, commenced high profile patrols of the city centre.

The object of the patrols is to give warnings, and, where necessary, issue 50 fixed penalty notices to individuals who throw down, drop or otherwise deposit litter. Staff will also be tackling businesses which do not have appropriate arrangements in place for the disposal of their waste, and looking at street cleaning issues. As far as fly tipping is concerned, efforts will be made to prosecute offenders who, on conviction, could be fined anything up 20,000 and six months in jail.

The main focus of the campaign will be the city centre, although other areas such as community shops, retail parks and routes to schools, particularly at lunchtimes, will be targeted. Such areas are well equipped with litter bins leaving no excuse for individuals to inappropriately discard their waste.

Jim Fraser, The Highland Council's Community Works Assistant, Inverness, said: "Litter and fly tipping are offences under The Environmental Protection Act 1990. The Act gives both individual citizens and councils the power to take action to keep certain types of land free of litter. It also allows for conditions to be placed on business owners and land owners to ensure a litter free environment is sustained.

"However, it is recognised by the all the agencies involved that legislation alone will not achieve a cleaner environment, and that working in partnership with communities, business and other agencies is crucial to achieving success.

"It should be borne in mind that every citizen has a duty to help keep the environment clean and tidy. The public and businesses alike are urged to work closely with us and are encouraged to report incidents of littering and fly tipping together with as much information as possible. Information received will be treated confidentially and names will not be divulged."

Transport Environmental and Community Services have produced a 'litter control' leaflet and are producing a poster, which will be distributed through council service points, community centres and libraries.. Members of the public can also become involved by organising community 'clean ups'. TEC Services will assist by providing the litter picking tools to do the job, supply black bags and arrange to remove the waste from an agreed collection point.

For any information on the campaign or to report any incidents regarding litter or fly tipping the public is invited to contact The Highland Council, TEC Services, 94 Diriebught road, Inverness. Tel (01463) 703111.

To arrange the removal of bulkier items, or information on refuse collection, contact TEC Services, Lotland Street, Inverness. Tel (01463) 230634.

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