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SNP MSP for the Highlands and Islands Rob Gibson has reacted angrily to news that Wick fishermen won't be able to land haddock in their home port.

Instead they will have to travel to Scrabster or to Morayshire, while foreign boats will be free to land their catch at Wick...

Mr Gibson said...
"This is yet another nail in the coffin of the Scottish fishing industry; it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever."

He went on to say.... "I see no reason why any boat can't land where it pleases, and why if a
fisherman from Wick wants to land his catch at Wick why shouldn't he be allowed to?"

He added..."This decision not only endangers the very lives of the Fishermen but it also endangers the very existent of non-designated harbours throughout Scotland."

"This is another example of how inadequate the fisheries deal reached in Brussels is. The more we find out about the deal the more it looks like there will be no fishing industry left in Scotland unless we vote for a Scottish voice at the European top table and scrap the Common fisheries Policy."