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The SSP launched its campaign for the June 10th Euro elections last weekend by a giveaway in the Highland Capital of dozens of 500 Euro "notes".  The exercise will be repeated this week in towns across the Highlands and Islands.

SSP Handing Out Euro Notes Across Highland

Voters were handed the facsimile notes to highlight what the socialists say are three key themes of the campaign -

  • derailing the Euro gravy train, with its bureaucracy waste and corruption

  • fighting to close the wealth gap by counterposing a social and democratic Europe to a big business dominated super-state

  • and last but not least, to use the poll to demand an end to Bush and Blair's war for oil and profit in Iraq.

SSP Highland spokesperson Steve Arnott said, "The SSP have polled as high as ten percent in recent national opinion polls. We believe we are on the verge of making a breakthrough in this Euro election and sending a fighting socialist MEP to Brussels to fight for the interests of ordinary working people and for genuine independence for Scotland from both Westminster and Brussels.  Such a representative, as always, will only take the average wage of a skilled Scottish worker and refuse the lavish lifestyle of the pampered MEP's of other parties."