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20 October 05
Tritium Users Group Meeting At Dounreay
Dounreay recently hosted the fifth meeting of the Tritium User Group (TUG), a forum for the exchange of information on topics of common interest to the UK Tritium community.  Representatives from UKAEA Dounreay, UKAEA Windscale, AEA Technology, BNFL Magnox, NPL, Rutherford, AWE Aldermaston, BNFL Sellafield, NNC, GE Healthcare, BNFL Chapelcross, UKAEA (JET), MoD-DPA and RWE attend the meeting. UKAEA Dounreay's involvement in the Tritium User Group has provided direct support in the tritium removal from steel researches into heating and smelting and setting up a tritium laboratory.

Pictured are representatives during their recent meeting with Andrew Chadwick, UKAEA Dounreay (middle row, second right).