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26 April 05

When Pat McVey retired from UKAEA, Dounreay, in mid-April, he brought the curtain down on a remarkable family contribution to UKAEA, an aggregate total of almost one hundred and three years service. Pat served UKAEA for forty-one years, having commenced in 1964, after spending three years in the merchant navy. In October last year, his brother George retired having completed forty-seven years service at Dounreay.  During their early days on site, the brothers were accompanied by their late father Jim, who arrived at Dounreay in 1956 from his native Glasgow, and who retired in 1971.

At a retirement presentation, Dick Stewart, head of process plant decommissioning, praised Pat’s dedicated service. “Pat takes his leave of the site in the knowledge that there is not a blemish on his record,” he said. “He has served his employer with commitment and loyalty, and we wish him well in his retirement, and many hours of enjoyment on the golf course.”

Pat thanked all those he had worked with over the years. “Dounreay provided me with good employment,” said Pat. “It was also a place where strong bonds of friendship were made. I wish you every success in the future.”

The greater period of his time on site was spent in the part known as the fuel cycle area, concluding in D1203 where, by happy coincidence, he started all those years ago.  Pat and his wife Angela live in Thurso. They have two grown-up sons, Gary and Martin.