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Disasters Emergency Committee To Donate Online

The South-East Asia Earthquake and Tsunami

31 December 04
Tsunami Disaster
Wick Pipe Band Donates Christmas Show Money To Disaster Appeal

Wick Pipe Band has donated the proceeds of its Scottish Variety Show held on Thursday night (30 December 2004) in the Pipe Band Hall to the Tsunami Disaster Appeal.   Before the show the band members decided that all the proceeds should go to the disaster relief fund for the survivors of the tsunami in the Indian Ocean. We felt that those poor souls were more in need of the money than the Pipe Band.  The show raised 276.50 which was paid into the disaster relief fund account today at the Bank of Scotland.

Wick Pipe Band Scottish Variety Show Finale

31 December 04
Caithness Folk Donating In Big Numbers To Disaster Appeals
Shops all over Caithness have been running collections for the Asian Disaster.   In Wick Somerfields had already collected over 400 from a bucket in the shop.  Staff at the store had a collection amongst themselves and collected 320 at their break this morning.  Banks in Caithness have had unprecedented numbers of their customers asking to pay funds directly into special accounts set up for the disaster appeal.  Tellers at the banks say they have never seen anything like the numbers of customers donating in any emergency appeal.  The collections are everywhere.  Co-op staff in Wick and Thurso had collection buckets at checkouts and cash was still to be counted and looked as if significant sums would be collected on one of the busiest shopping days before the New Year holiday.  Three taxi firms are donating ten pence from every fare collected to the appeal and expect to make a donation of several hundred pounds in the next few days.  Everyone has seen the pictures on TV and realised this disaster is on an unimaginable scale and will need a huge effort from everyone who can afford it to make some contribution.  Many Caithness folk have been to the countries concerned and are acutely aware of the devastation this will have caused.

31 December 04
British public give 32 million to the DEC Tsunami Earthquake Appeal
The British public has donated 32 million to the Disasters Emergency Committee's Tsunami Earthquake appeal since it started on Tuesday.
Overnight, the figure has increased by over 7 million to a staggering 32 million. The DEC received over 300,000 calls last night alone.
"The response from the British public has been absolutely phenomenal. We're touched that people are so willing to give what they can to this appeal. These donations make a significant difference," said Brendan Gormley, the Chief Executive of the DEC.

"Money pledged so far is already making a difference to people whose lives have been shattered by this crisis. Life saving supplies such as food, water, medicines and shelter are already getting through," adds Brendan Gormley.   "But this is a crisis that is unprecedented in its scale. It will take many months and even years for communities to recover. So we ask the British public to continue in their generosity and support. The money is vital."

The 24 hour donation line is 0870 60 60 900 or donate online at www.dec.org.uk 

Donations can also be sent by post to:
DEC Tsunami Earthquake Appeal
PO Box 999
London EC3A 3AA

Cheques made payable: DEC Tsunami Earthquake Appeal
Donations can also be taken at any high street back.

You can use banks to give cash or cheques, payable to the DEC Tsunami Earthquake Appeal. Or donate cash or cheques, payable to Post Office ltd, at Post Offices.

Special Postal Arrangements To Speed Cheque Donations
A special '999' PO Box has been set up by Royal Mail to speed donations. Post cheques, payable to the
DEC Tsunami Earthquake Appeal
, to:
PO Box 999,

You can also donate cash or unwanted Christmas gifts at Oxfam shops.

15  Will buy one family plastic sheeting a water container and purification tablets
35  Provide family with enough food for a week
100 Zinc sheeting and timber to help rebuild two family homes

The Disasters Emergency Committee is an umbrella organisation of Britain's 12 leading aid agencies which launches and coordinates Britain's national appeal in response to major disasters overseas.   Members of the DEC are: Action Aid, British Red Cross, CAFOD, Care International UK, Christian Aid, Concern, Help the Aged, Merlin, Oxfam, Save the Children, Tearfund, World Vision.

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