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Ki Work  

18 April 05
Broadband offers new opportunities for work in Caithness and Sutherland
Are You Interested In Working Online From Home?
As the availability of broadband spreads across Caithness & Sutherland more and more people will be wondering how to use this new resource for personal gain. How about being able to do a proper job working from home?

In 2005, you will be able to begin to make good use of your broadband and internet service by joining the new ki work networked project team. Using suitable IT and broadband connections ki workers will form teams to fulfil projects for clients by operating from their own homes, their home-offices or from a nearby small office.

Michael Wolff is spearheading this initiative from his Nairn base where he will manage area coordinators who then oversee contracts from UK or overseas clients by assembling networked ki work teams in Caithness and Sutherland.

And, yes that is ki work (pronounced key-work).

Mr Wolff has asked Key Commercial Services in Bonar Bridge to attract applicants from their area and to oversee any new contracts given to ki work teams in Caithness and Sutherland.

ki work is looking for applicants who fulfil several criteria and he will ask these people to network together on-line to form themselves into a ki work team. He needs people who want to work. They must be able to carry out a basic range of IT skills tasks – or be willing to become proficient. They must have suitable basic IT equipment and internet. They must be friendly, reliable and honest, able to work on their own and generally willing to cooperate in the team effort.

Mr Wolff has put in many months of discussions with large UK and international businesses to identify project work the ki work teams could fulfil. Some potentially suitable project work has been identified. Now it is up to him and the people in our areas to form our ki work teams to show that we can win these contracts and fulfil the requirements.

ki work is basing all communications on IT telecommunications and will enable widely scattered workers to form the ki work networks and to fulfil clients’ projects. The first step for interested ki workers is to apply to keycs@ki-work.com  and start participating in on-line discussions. Clearly broadband will help and may be the key to successful ki work.