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Caithness Marine Mammal Medics    
Caithness Marine Mammal Medics (CMMM) invite you to join them on Saturday 10th February at Scrabster Community Centre at 1pm to 4pm for an open day so you can see what we do.

We are part of the British Divers Marine Life Rescue which is a registered charity and have just completed our first season as a team in one of the busiest seal pupping areas on the UK coast. CMMM consists of trained volunteers and have had 29 callouts from September 2006 to date; The majority of these were to assist stranded or abandoned Grey seal pups and also one dead Atlantic White Sided dolphin that went for post mortem down to the Scottish Agricultural College in Inverness.

Dependant on the condition of the animal we can assist it at the scene or relocate it for rehabilitation until the animal is healthy enough to return to its natural environment. We also rely on local Vets for assistance

There will be discussions covering all aspects from joining our group to raising public awareness in relation to our marine wildlife. We will also be displaying some of the equipment available to us.

Feel free to join us on Saturday 10th February as this is an open day for everyone who is interested. Children are welcome as there will be activities for them also.

Tea & coffee will be freely available.

Please visit our website at www.caithness-mmm.org  for more information.