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Aberdeen And Northern Marts
9 December 2003

Caithness Livestock Centre - Aberdeen and Northern Marts
sold 143 cattle and 1660 sheep at their Christmas show and sale at Quoybrae

The cattle show sponsored by Johnston Carmichael, chartered accountants was judged by Mr Raymond Wight, Scotch Premier Meats, Inverurie. He placed as champion in the young farmers section a Limousin cross heifer scaling 595 kg from Gary Oag, Achiebeg, Shebster it realised £1100 to Scotch Premier Meats on behalf of Robert Rawlings, Devon House, High Street, Cranleigh, Surrey.

Champion in the open section was a Charolais cross heifer scaling 615 kg from A and W Campbell, No 5 West Murkle, Thurso and sold for £1800 to Mr Murray Lamont, MacKay’s Hotel, Wick.

Reserve champion in the young farmers section was a 570 kg Limousin heifer from Graham MacKenzie, Inkstack, Barrock, Thurso and sold for 126 p per kg grossing £712.20 purchased by Scotch Premier Meats.

Reserve champion in the open section was a 615 kg Limousin cross bullock from W and A Oag, Brims Mains, Forss and sold for 126 p per kg grossing £774.90 purchased by Kepak, Buchan.

The sheep section sponsored by Jasmine Gunn was judged by Mr Bill Cameron,Kepak, Buchan and he selected as champion a pen of three 44 kg Beltex crosses from C Angus, West Mey, Thurso and sold for £120 to Scotch Premier Meats on behalf of Robert Rawlings.

The reserve champion pen from J M Sutherland, Stainland and Sibmister Farms were three 47kg Texel crosses and sold for £75 to Scotch Premier Meats.

Awards - Young farmers section
Light bullock - 1.Donald Swanson, No 3 Lochend, 2. Andrew Morris, Olrig Mains 3. Jenny MacBeath, Folly Farm.
Intermediate bullock - 1. Garry Oag 2. James Barnetson, Lynegar 3. Andrew Morris.
Heavy bullock - 1. Graham MacKenzie 2. Kerry MacBeath, Folly Farm 3. Michael Sandison, Smerral Farm.
Light heifer - 1. Donald Swanson 2. Jenny MacBeath 3. Kerry MacBeath.
Intermediate heifer - 1. Sandy Alexander, Slickly 2. Alexander Oag, Waterloo Farm 3. James Barnetson.
Heavy heifer - 1. Garry Oag 2. Graham MacKenzie 3. Donald Swanson.
Open section - haltered
Light bullock - 1. W and A Oag, Brims Mains 2. and 3. D N Campbell and Sons, Bardnaclavan.
Intermediate bullock - 1. W and A Oag 2. Mrs I MacKenzie, Achalone 3. J Morris, Olrig Mains.
Heavy bullock - 1. R MacKay, Clyth Mains 2. Mrs I MacKenzie 3. W and A Oag.
Light heifer - 1. A and W Campbell 2. G and A Begg, Rockhill 3. G M Henderson, Murrayfield.
Heavy heifer - 1. D N Campbell and Sons 2. W and A Oag 3. Messrs P Oag, Waterloo Farm.
Light bullock - 1. and 2. D B Angus, Barrogill Mains 3. J Morris.
Intermediate bullock - 1. and 3. D A Budge, Brae-edge 2. R Sandison, Smerral.
Heavy bullock - 1. Mrs I MacKenzie 2. R MacKay 3. D A Budge
Light heifer - 1. J M Sutherland, Stainland and Sibmister Farms 2. A and W Campbell.
Heavy heifer - 1. A and W Campbell 2. J M Sutherland.
Pen of three light lambs 1. C Angus, West Mey 2. J M Sutherland 3. A S Budge, Milton Farm.
Pen of three heavy lambs 1. J M Sutherland 2. C Angus 3. D A Budge.
Leading prices per kg:-
Bullocks - 130p Bardnaclavan; 129p Smerral Farm; 125p Clyth Mains .
Heifers - 130p Slickly; 126p No 5 West Murkle; 120p Murrayfield.
Leading prices per head:-
Bullocks - £862.50 Clyth Mains; £836 Achalone; £777.60 Brae-edge.
Heifers - £734.50 Slickly; £718.20 Inkstack; £713 Bardnaclavan.
Prime lambs
Leading prices per kg -
Texel - 120.3p Stainland and Sibmister Farms; 116.7p West Mey; 116.5p Ham Farm.
Suffolk - 116.9p Bual, Ramscraigs; 112.1p Clachan; 108.8p Thurdistoft.
Cheviot - 114.9p Bual; 111.2p Thurdistoft; 110.2p Knapperfield.
Mule - 109.7p Stainland and Sibmister Farms.
Blackface - 102.6p Westerloch Farm.
Half Bred - 102.3p West Mey.
Leading prices per head -
Texel - £58 West Mey; £54.50 East Kirk; £53 Brae-edge.
Suffolk - £52 Thurdistoft; £50.50 Killimster Farmhouse; £50 West Mey.
Cheviot - £48.50 Knapperfield; £46.50 Armadale Farm.
Half Bred - £44 West Mey.
Store lambs -
Suffolk - £46.50 Strath Farm; £45 No3 Braal; £44.80 Hilliclay Mains.
Cheviot - £44.50 Glencoe, Kirk; £42.50 Milton, Occumster.
Texel - £43.80 Strath Farm; £42.80 Hilliclay Mains
Feeding ewes -
£79 Stainland and Sibmister Farms; £77 Myrelandhorn; £76 Tofts of Tain.
Store cattle
Bullocks per kg - 160p Ousdale Farm and Lower Gills; 159p Wattenon; 154p Achairn.
Bullocks per head - £585 Burnbraes, Hilliclay; £540 Lower Toftingall; £490 Lower Gills.
Heifers per kg - 123p Achairn; 115p Ousdale Farm.
Heifers per head - £490 West Clyth; £320 Lower Gills; £315 Achairn.