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The Enablelink Project is a voluntary project for young people with learning disabilities,which will help make connections and natural friendships between young people in mainstream high school and young people with learning disabilities. The young people within mainstream high school will foster friendships and eventually take young people with learning disabilities out into the community to join new clubs and activities or go to the young persons home and spend time together.

The Enablelink Project was initiated by Enable which is the largest organization in Scotland for people with learning disabilities. Enablelink started of in getting volunteers from Thurso High School and has now came to Wick High School and between both schools there is 30 young people now volunteering in the project.The project is not a school project but the volunteers are trained and taken from the school but once the young people start taking the young people with learning disabilities out in the community is very much there own decisions on what they want to do with there social life.

Christina Raeburn the Enablelink Co-Ordinator who has been co-ordinating the whole project right from the start has commented "The Enablelink Project has made a huge difference to the young people's lives, by giving all the young people a opportunity to make natural friendships have now been formed.They
now enjoy activities in the community such as bowling, shopping, playing pool,drama, music, and going to each others home and generally hanging out like most young people do."

"We hope with further funding this year we will be able to continue the project which has made a huge difference in a positive way to the young people's lives."

The young people with learning disabilities have now been given a opportunity to hang out with their friends and be part of the community like any other young person. The young people from Thurso and Wick High School have had the opportunity to speak about the project at a Local and National level.

The young people continue to show there commitment and support at a very high level on a voluntary capacity.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Enablelink Project please do not hesitate to phone Christina Raeburn on 07818253736 and I will gladly answer any quieries you may have about the project.