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North Highland Archive - Miscellaneous P List

Miscellaneous collections by order of deposit (correct and checked as at December 1999). As a complete record of private deposits, it duplicates some of the collections noted in the Master Guide, but mostly denotes single items or files except where indicated. Some of the larger deposits have separate lists. These should soon be available also, and all are available in the archive itself.

As this list is rather long and sorted numerically, we recommend you use the "find" facility on your browser.



P1 Tapestry worked by Margaret Kennedy (1941-1942)
P2 Mss accounts notebook detailing quantities and prices of oats delivered to Kiliminster and Reiss 1852-1853
P3 Lybster Reform Association, mss copy declaration of support for, 1835
P4 Correspondence and printed matter relating to Lybster Poor Relief, mainly letters to George Lille as Inspector of Poor, 1922-1924 (under 100 year closure)
P5 Pavilion Cinema, Wick, printed programmes for 1933
A separate list is available
P6 St Andrew's Church, Thurso, printed monthly supplement for 60th anniversary, 1930
P7 Wick and Pulteneytown Mercantile Debating Society menus and programmes of events 1869-1948
A separate list is available
P8 Caithness Benevolent and Literary Association/Glasgow Caithness Literary Society, printed menus and programmes, 1905-1936
P9 Edinburgh University Student's Association, tss constitutions/conditions of (1950)
P10 Natural History Society of Glasgow, certificate of membership in the name of John Rhind, 1882
P11 Wick Library minute books, cash books etc, 1892-1980
A separate list is available
P11a Account book of the Wick Brotherly Society of Coopers 1835-1838
P12 Thurso Public Library minute books, plans etc 1872-1975
A separate list is available
P12a Wick 1st troop boy scouts 1935-1938, printed scout record and account book
P13 Viking Society for Northern Research, editions of saga book and annual reports, 1918-1972
A separate list is available
P14 London Caithness Association 1924-1927 (annual reports)
P15 Caithness Field Club correspondence/circulars 1914-1933
P16 British Fisheries Society, annual reports and lists of members 1873-1893
P17 Wick Society, tss minutes of, 1972
P18 Edinburgh John O'Groat Literary Society, c.1957
P19 Morrison, Rev George Morrison, MA to the First Free Church, Thurso, booklet of events and speeches at his ordination, 1894
P20 Wick Harbour Trust records 1850-1990
A separate draft list is available, but currently held in the archive only
P21 Wick Post Office minute book 1920-1982 and establishment books 1892-1940
A separate list is available
P22 John Hamilton Patagonia letter to his nephew 1931, transcription and article, missing
P23 Neil Gunn (novelist) mss letters to Fred Robertson, librarian of Carnegie library in Wick, 1931-1942
P24 Calder, James Traill, mss notebook in composing his 'History of Caithness' c.1858
P25 Neil Gunn, newspaper clippings on, 1933 and 1975
P26 Temperance newsletters 1840-c.1845
A separate list is available
P27 Henry Henderson (Bard of Reay) tss Burns supper address 1937
P28 Kennedy, Robert 'Anecdotes partly authenticated and partly traditional relative to the history of the County of Caithness', 1814. Later used by Thomas Sinclair
P29 Lecture on Neil Gunn by J B Caird, tss copy 1975
P30 John Pender (MP for Wick) letters including one from Catherine Gladstone (wife of William Gladstone) 1877-1911
A separate list is available
P31 Swanson, tss family tree from Ian Aitchison, prepared c.1995
P32 Henderson, Henry (Bard of Reay) poems notes and letters 1908-1945
P33 Auction Mart site, tss copy of the Highland Council investigation into, 1995
P34 An Comunn Gailhealach (Wick branch Gaelic society est.1925) minute books and miscellaneous items, 1925-1953
A separate list is available
P35 Peter Mews (Bishop of Winchester) tss draft on his life by Alexander Juffiess, c.1956
A separate list is available
P36 Wick and Pulteneytown District Nursing Society minute books 1893-1946
P37 Bignold Hospital Wick registers and admittance books 1903-1948 (100 year closure)
P38 Keith family of Thurso (solicitor) records 1887-1965
P39 Calendars of confirmations and inventories for Scotland 1876-; register of sasines, County of Caithness (1869-1947), minute books of inhibitions and adjudications (1872-1948)
P40 Earls of Caithness family/personal material (letters, photographs etc, with parchment burgess ticket) 1798-1902
P41 'The Peripatetic', mss original material bound to form magazine, 1864
P42 Notes on Caithness Seamen by Douglas Cameron of Fife, deposited 1996
P43 Investigation into Donald Bremner Ryrie as 1st radio officer, by Ian Malcolm, 1994
P44 Copy of sketches from John O'Groats in prose and verse, printed 1842
P45 1794 Almanac, mould damaged and not to be issued until treated
P46 John O'Groats Steam Laundry, accounts notebooks and miscellaneous material 1915-1982
P47 Steamer 'St Clair' black and white photograph, 1895, and copies of articles by A Anderson on lifeboats.
P48 Harmsworth recreational football park, Wick, details of management of, 1919-1962
A separate list is available
P49 John O'Groats Steam Laundry, laundry book, see P46
P50 Ex-bailie Smitton, JP (late of Wick) 1911, printed booklet 'Reminiscences of 40 years in Wick'
P51 Tables of weights and measures of Caithness with their comparative values, 1830
P52 'Caithness Industrial Exhibition' held in the Temperance Hall, Wick 1868, exhibition booklet and prizewinning lace exhibit
P53 Clippings from Northern Ensign, 'Caithness of a Bygone Time' 1916
P54 Clippings from the John O'Groats journal of John Mackay (pen name 'Searcher') 1942
P55 'Information for the Earl of Sutherland against the Earl of Caithness', printed booklet 1706
P56 'Romance of the Orkney and Shetland Press', printed booklet by John Mowat 1937
P57 'They Came from Caithness', a gallery of Northern notables, D P Thomson 1954.
P58 Cartoons from Scottish Daily Express, mainly political 1933-1944
P59 'Know your Caithness' and other clippings especially relating to Queen Mother and Castle of Mey 1946-1972
P60 Reuben Bryce (1798-1888), rough biographical sketch of
P61 'Twelve Interesting Letters' (printed) sent by Kirwan to Reverend John Hughes, bishop of New York. Prefatory note, 1908.
P62 'Bibliography of Gaelic books, pamphlets and magazine articles', newspaper clippings by 'Celticus' 1918-1919
P63 Mss notes on 'lingualogy' by an unknown author c.1920
P64 Reverend Alexander Pope of Reay, photocopied article on, 1855
P65 Sir John Sinclair, items relating to, mostly newspaper cuttings of journey through Europe and copy pictures 1840-1924
P66 'Rambler of Leith', English translation of a Gaelic elegy to the sinking of this ship of the coast of Newfoundland 1807
P67 Caithness bird life, mss notes on 1914
P68 Bremner, William Leith (1835-1868) author of 'The Pilot of the Pentland Firth', biographical note by John Mowat c.1880
P69 'Wick: In and Around it' by John Horne, presented to Henry Henderson by Staxigoe and District Literary Society 1912
P70 'Poems from the notebook of John W MacLeod', printed pamphlet 1919
P71 Daniel Gunn, printed article taken from the 'Homilist' 1855
 P72 Driving licence under the Motor Car Act 1903, belonging to John Mackay, born Wick 1904
P73 Wick Society of Social Research, report on the post-war reconstruction proposals for Wick burgh 1944
P74 Wick photographs, black and white views 1904
P75 'Act for assessing the proprietors of lands in the county of Sutherland towards the expense of making and supporting roads and bridges', printed copy 1805
P76 Publication 'Caithness 1925-26' by Herbert Sinclair, photographs and text
P77 Postcard photographs of Caithness seals including Caithness burgh seal c.1890, broken
P78 Thurso Public Library - copy of minute of agreement and lease of Thurso library between the Town Council and Caithness County Council, 1959
P79 British Fisheries - copy of the second report regarding improvement and extension of fishing, mss notice outlining regulations to be observed by Dunbeath fishing crews, c.1785 and c.1845
P80 John Mowat, copy photograph and brief biographical sketch
P81 Wick - copies of 13 photographs, some by Johnston photographs
P82 Minute book of the creditors of Allan Robertson, sheriff clerk of Caithness 1830
P83 Gunn, Neil Gunn mss letter to [Ronald Thompson] 1970
P84 Noss House, Staxigoe, mss letter to F. Robertson as former county librarian re possible folk museum in Wick with two plans of the house, 1953
P85 Donald Harper bequest, mss letter to George Bain, librarian, 1908
P86 Mss feu charter - The British Society in favour of David Davison, Strathy, 2 January 1852
P87 'Gold and Gems' printed booklet from the United Free Church, Thurso, including favourite quotes of Caithness notables, 1912
P88 'Our Scandinavian Forefathers', printed booklet by William Miller, preacher of the gospel, 1862
P89 'Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness', printed booklet of address delivered by the Right Hon. Sir Archibald Sinclair on his installation as rector of University of Glasgow, 1940
P90 James Clerk (pastor of Congregational Church in Thurso) printed biographical article c.1930
P91 Rev Donald Davison, Wallacetown Ayr (minister of Canisbay 1897) newspaper article about his life
P92 St Fergus, anonymous mss on his travels of the 8th century
P93 St Fergus Chapel font, mss details of history and previous locations
P94 William Waiters, mss letters concerning his conviction for forgery and the pardoning of his transportation sentence 1836-1837
P95 Bignold Cottage Hospital, printed annual report and posters for a 2-day bazaar, 1931
P96 Third report on 'Monuments and constructions in the county of Caithness', printed booklet, 1911
P97 Reception of mayors and provost by HM the Queen, printed lists of persons in attendance, Buckingham Palace, 1897
P98 John O'Groats - postcard detailing history and article from 'People's Friend', 1972
P99 Act for Wick Burgh extension, printed copy November 1902
P100 Pulteneytown Commissioners, act to extend the fisheries and improve the sea coasts, 1844
P101 John ('Jock') Troup, Baptist preaching minister, newspaper articles about his work and visit to Wick in 1921
P102 Letter from Robert Mackay, Thurso to Mr Arthur Ailkin, Dounreay, regarding outstanding rent on Dalnaglaton for 105, 1823
P103 Robert Dick, naturalist, Thurso letter to William Gow, Pulteneytown, 1958 (fragile and faded)
P104 Margaret MacDiarmid or Mrs Mackay of Sheiggina and of Melness, printed booklet of her life by Reverend Alexander Macrae, Tongue 1908
P105 'Short Rules and Observations for Sowing of Lint-seed and Hemp-seed', printed booklet, 1729
P106 Thurso High School magazine, printed booklets 1960 and 1961
P107 Reverend W J Cowper, printed booklets: 'Bibliotheca Leightoniana, Dunblane' (1917), 'The Veiled Face of Jewry, Jewish objections to Christianity' (1922), 'Robert Woodrow' (1928)
P108 David Grant (writer and teacher) newspaper clippings and letters, 1933-1937
P109 Alexander Auld (Free Church minister, Olrig) newspaper articles relating to his death, 1904
P110 William Sinclair (1819-1894) (United Presbyterian minister, Wick) printed articles taken from his memorandum and diary, 1900
P111 John Sutherland, Badbea, letters to Alexander Sinclair, merchant in Thurso (published in Free Presbyterian magazine) 1840-1893
P112 Donald MacLeod, Strathnaver, article relating to his life and publication 'Gloomy memories', book on the Sutherland evictions c.1929
P113 William Miller, Thurso (minister in India) newspaper articles relating to his death 1923
P114 D Baillie, Dalbeathe, mss letters to him from various people including John Rushkin, Joseph Thompson 1883-1893
P115 Robert Ross (master mariner, Pulteneytown) articles relating to his life and published letters to friends, c.1910
P116 'The Candle', monthly leaflet issued at Springburn Baptist Church (pastor, John Horne) c. 1935
P117 Geology of Caithness, printed matter by John William Evans and R N Donovan 1891-1974
P118 Alexander Malcolm (1834-1907) Headmaster of Riversdale School, Cape Province, South Africa, photographs, and letters on him from a later date (1943-45)
P119 Dave Dunnett (boot merchant, Wick) John O'Groats articles relating to the court cases over the validity of his father's will, 1917
P120 Caithness Court Cases, House of Lords:
  • Case for the title of the Countess of Sutherland, 2 copies, 1769

  • Case involving James Smith, Olrig and the Bank of Scotland, 2 copies 1880

P121 Reay Church/Captain Gunn's papers, newspaper articles from the John O'Groats pasted into a book, 1903
P122 John Sutherland ('Searcher') copies of his articles and notice of his death in 1942
P123 Emile Grouchy, mss letter (in French) to unnamed individual in Strasburg, 1807
P124 Wick Youth panel 1944-1946 minute book
P125 Miscellaneous Caithness letters 1787-1911, with tss notes later made by an unnamed individual. Two separate small collections. Mostly by local nobles and other notables.
P126 'The Fathers of Caithness', printed poem, bound in hand sewn book c. 1874
P127 Poetry (tss) including 'The passing of the Sherpas', 1970
P128 James Iverach, newspaper article reviewing his book ' The Christian Message' c.1920
P129 John Dunbar, Hempriggs, mss notes on his family lineage c.1960
P130 'Caithness Dialect', Northern Ensign newspapers articles on 'Wick words', 'Canisbay Dialect' etc, pasted into volume 1930-1933
P131 Joseph Mitchell, engineer (involved in construction of Highland railway) article on his life and work 1893
P132 Reverend James S. Sinclair (born Pulteneytown, Minister of Free Presbyterian Church, Glasgow) 1921
P133 Hill of Wick case: tss article detailing Sir Benjamin Dunbar's encroachment onto the land of the hill of Wick c.1910
P134 Johnston collection photographs mainly of Thurso town, harbour, sands etc c.1930
P135 Wick Society museum, black and white photographs of, c.1970
P136 John Kirk, provost of Wick, small watercolour portrait, c.1890
P137 Black and white picture of Rev Principal James Iverach as supplement to the United Free Church magazine August 1905
P138 Black and white picture of W A Smith as supplement to the United Free Church magazine, July 1905
P139 Reverend Donald Davidson: minister of Canisbay 1897, black and white postcard, c.1900
P140 James Bremner, sepia mounted photograph, 1844
P141 Sir Alexander Rae (Harbour Trustee, Wick) mss letters of Rae and article on his death 1880s
P142 Walter Ross Taylor D.D., black and white photograph with reproduction from publication, c.1830
P143 Sir John Sinclair (Bart of Ulbster) reproduction of his picture from the evangelical magazine, 1826
P144 Rev John McDonald Urquhart, Scotland, reproduction of his picture from the evangelical magazine, 1826
P145 Highland railway trains, black and white photographs of steam trains with tss details of their designer and year of building c.1920
P146 Wick railway station, mounted photographs of station staff 1875-1908
P147 Caithness/Sutherland coastal scene (exact location unidentified) with crofter in foreground, c.1890
P148 Mss letter from Wellington, Horseguards to D S Fraser of Thurso, 1844
P149 Wick Harbour, printed booklet giving schedule of rates and dues for vessels and goods, 1958
P150 Thurso harbour, printed booklet by Falconer Walters, Thurso with copy mss and draft of the same, 1980
P151 Wick Court cases: provost and magistrates of the Royal Burgh of Wick against magistrates of Thurso, 1824
P152 Mss letter from [Campbell] to Sir George Sinclair expressing regret at not being able to attend a meeting 1857
P153 Pulteneytown Church Committee minute book with details of plans to build a new church in Argyle Square 1836-1850
P154 The Olrig messenger, printed pamphlet giving record of Olrig United Free Church, September 1928
P155 Caithness Industrial Exhibition, certificate awarded to Jamesina Sutherland, Wick, for a pair of stockings, March 1868
P156 George MacAdie (manufacturer in Wick) printed catalogue of books to be sold from his library by Alexander Sinclair, c.1920
P157 'Northern' Wick Office, printed magazine mainly with articles on Shetland, 1952
P158 Caithness Spring Music Week, printed programme of events, 1952
P159 'The Scottish Way' by F W Robertson (on decline of Scottish clan system) 1946
P160 'Glaciation of Caithness', printed booklet by B N Peach and John Horne 1881
P161 Caithness Education Authority, printed list of books in the Wick and Thurso libraries 1922
P162 Harbours of Caithness, printed pamphlet detailing brief history of each, Anna J. Miller, 1980
P163 'How Pulteney is being sacrificed', printed article by 'a Pulteney ratepayer', 1905
P164 Sutherland magazine, printed newspaper article (in Highland News) by John Mowat on Northern publishing venture, 1931
P165 Boer War, various newspaper articles 1895-1897
P166 Bard of Reay (Henry Henderson) bound volume containing newspaper articles of his poetry 1914-1918
P167 New Year Celebrations, Rifle Hall, Wick, programme of events with menu, 1938
P168 Sailings to Norway, Caithness, Orkney and Shetland, printed booklet with times of sailings and departure locations, 1905
P169 Rev John P Sinclair, Northern Ensign newspaper article on his ordination and induction to the parish of Latheron, 1907
P170 Pastor John Horne, printed public appreciation, 1932.
P171 1st Sutherland Highland Rifles, mss and tss pages on membership and history, 1840-1904
P172 Wick Herring Queen, souvenir programme of events, 1939 and 1949
P173 Wick shopping week, printed programme of events, 1933
P174 The Pulteneytown case, printed article re John Robertson of Wick and the Presbyterian of Caithness, 1893
P175 War decorations, articles on five Caithness men awarded medals, c.1949
P176 'A Journey to the South in 1757', account by unknown author written 1820
P177 John Cleghorn (Senior pastor, Argyle Square Church Edinburgh, minister of Wick early 1800s) article on his life, c.1900
P178 Terratorial army officers from Caithness, black and white photographs, c.1920
P179 William Crowe, Wellington St, Pulteneytown, article and letters printed in Free Presbyterian magazine, c.1890
P180 OCRS Scottish Almanac, 1854, printed
P181 Charles Bruce (Ex-bailie, Mount Hooly, Wick) newspaper articles on his death c.1840
P182 Wick Harbour, printed proceedings of the laying of the foundation stone, 1863
P183 Old St Peter's Church, Thurso, printed article on the records of a Thurso Kirk by C. Keith (from Scots magazine) c.1910
P184 Professor R S Seton (teacher, Watten) obituary 1942
P185 George Flett Sinclair (born Sinclair Terrace, Wick) notice announcing appointment as chief engineer, London Passenger Transport Board, 1939
P186 Aeneas Craig (Cartwright, Wick) newspaper article on his death, c.1880
P187 'The Sperein Scot bookstore', printed list of available Scottish books, 1930
P188 Tss letters from Professor Henry Morrison, principal librarian, Public Library Edinburgh to James G. Duncan, Wick re Carnegie visit to Caithness 1897-1901
P189 Aneas Bayne 'A short geographical survey of the county of Caithness' mss notes bound at later stage, 1735
A transcript is available
P190 Memorials of ex-provost Sutherland, Pulteneytown, by his son-in-law Rev Alex Goodfellow c.1910
P191 'Genealogical bibliography of Caithness and Sutherland by Rev. Donald Beaton, printed booklet, 1928
P192 Postcards (blank) of Golspie and Cambusmore House c.1890
P193 Wick and Thurso (urban and rural) painted drawings c.1920
P194 Coronation Day in Wick, black and white postcard 1910
P195 Wick (from the river) colour postcard c.1920
P196 Wick (mostly coastline, also view of Bridge St) black and white postcards c.1900
P197 Mss rental to the Earl of Breadalbane's property within Caithness 1701-1880
P198 Theory of language, mss copy book with notes on, c.1920
P199 Orkney County Library annual report 1957-1958, plans and photo 1955-1958
P200 Captain Alexander Gunn (of Braehour, Caithness) mss and legal documents 1668-1903 bound together with explanation by John Mowat
P201 Tss information on the case involving Earl Gower and magistrates of Wick against sheriff clerk of Caithness 1824
P202 Bill of sale for the ship 'Countess of Caithness' sold Wick 1860
P203 Contract of transferral of land at Lybster from Donald Gow, shoemaker, to Donald Gow, cooper 1813
P204 Detailed account payable by Richard Armstead to Messrs Martin and Grayson, lawyers 1827-1829
P205 Bill of sale for the ship 'Wick Lassies', 1871
P206 Copy contract of marriage between James Henderson, Pulteneytown and Elizabeth Macleay, May 1880
P207 Notarial instrument in favour of James Davidson Pulteneytown feu charter by the British Fisheries Society 1872
P208 Certificates of character and discharge for fisherman James Steven 1860-1862
P209 Mss letters from George Sinclair, John Mackie etc 1832-1861
P210 'The Comparative Floras of Glamorgan and Caithness' by J A Legg, Swansea 1926
P211 Newspaper clipping on the death of Hector Mackenzie, Wick, (d. in South Africa) 1935
P212 George Sinclair (shoemaker in Wick) burgess ticket with two separate seals, 1785
P213 Parish registers of Canisbay ed by Rev. D. Beaton (2 copies, printed) also enclosing letter to John Mowat and short article on his work by Beaton 1914
P214 Andrew Key Sandison, bound volume of testimonials in his favour 1887-1890
P215 Wick Literary Society mss minute book and miscellany 1903-1909
P216 Watten in olden days, John O'Groats newspaper articles by 'A Native', 1908-1909
P217 'Our fallen heros', John O'Groats newspaper articles listing those Caithness and Sutherland men who died during WW1, 1915
P218 Wick Parish Church 'The Bazaar', printed magazine, 1906
P219 Wick North Parish Church, printed magazine 1930
P220 Sir William Sinclair Keiss, John O'Groats articles and letters regarding his hymns c.1912
P221 'Searcher' 2 mss entries to literary competition c.1950
P222 Young boy, name unknown, black and white photograph c.1960
P223 Lunds annual report, printed details of Norwegian and Finnish harbours Feb 1881
P224 'The Mother's Catechism', printed in Gaelic and English, c.1910
P225 Ex-bailie Smitton, JP, printed booklet in his honour 1910
P226 Sir John Sinclair, ' improve extensive property...Northern Scotland', printed booklet 1802
P227 Autograph of Harriet Beecher Stowe, c.1850
P228 'The Giant Trees of California', newspaper article c.1860
P229 Mss letter of Janet Duffus (Watten) librarian
P230 Autograph of Neil Dow, November 1886
P231 Autograph of James Longstreet 1887
P232 Mss letter from S Laing of Keiss regarding a dig, 1860
P233 John Stuart Blackie, mss verses of unnamed songs, c.1880
P234 Colonel E W Horne, Seaforth Highlanders, a tribute in the John O'Groats journal 1936
P235 Johnson collection, black and white reprints of scenes of Wick High St, Harbour and High School 1886-1920
P236 Wick Burgh printed legal papers 1746-1806
P237 Caithness Law Cases, printed and bound, 1718-1753
Separate lists for cases in most of these volumes are available
P238 Alexander Bain, mss petition against the telegraph bill 1846: printed matter, diagrams and copy birth certificate, c.1860
P239 Caithness County Council censorship of literature, mss quotations compiled by Daniel Fyfe, Glasgow 1954-1955
P240 'Fossel fish of Caithness', John O'Groats article by C Forster Cooper, Cambridge, 1934


'Gillespie', by John McDougall Hay, tss notes c.1960
P242 Castletown, black and white photographs of airplanes and squadron men, 1943
P243 'Museum of practical geography', newspaper article, May 1858
P244 'Geology in Caithness' newspaper article c.1860
P245 'The testimony of the rocks', newspaper article c.1860
P246 Caithness Flag Stone Company, price list, 1902
P247 'Musketry regulations, part II', printed by the War Office 1910
P248 Pavement works, Miller's Lane, Thurso, black and white photograph c.1890
P249 Five bearded gentlemen, black and white, c.1900
P250 The Bruce papers (Charles and William Bruce, provosts of Wick) 18th-19th century, letters, deeds and local history notes
P251 Poetry, mss bound volume, author unknown, c.1880
P252 John Skinner poetry and plays 1906.
P253 Girl Guide Outing to Riverside Wick, black and photograph, 1965
P254 Captain Gunn, newspaper articles in booklets, c.1880
P255 Ecclesiastical issues, newspaper articles on, c.1880
P256 'Plan of an extended and improved harbour', printed booklet of financial details, July 1882
P257 National Covenant of Scotland (1638) linen facsimile copy
P258 'Local Life in Caithness', newspaper articles, 1900
P259 Scottish issues, newspaper articles from the 1950s
P260 Printed pamphlet on Rev John Morrison (Minister of Canisbay) 1913
P261 William Rae (publisher, Wick) printed booklet on his life c.1893
P262 'Munro's of Foulis', mss genealogical volume c.1920
P263 'The Bazaar', local literary magazine of Wick, 1906
P264 Wick North Parish Church, printed booklet for centenary celebrations, 1930
P265 Wick Baptist Church, printed booklet by John Howe, 1894
P266 'The Fathers of Caithness', printed booklet of poems, 1870
P267 Edinburgh Caithness Association, printed list of members, 1959
P268 Alexander Bain, printed copy of lecture by A Stewart, c.1942
P269 Bignold Cottage Hospital, printed annual report, 1936
P270 'Books and Printing in Caithness', printed volume by John Mowat, 1920, with mss dedication from the author
P271 'Ninety years of Northern Journalism', history of the John O'Groats journal, 1926
P272 Dunnet area from the South, black and white photograph, c.1920
P273 Wick Herring Queen pageant, printed souvenir programme, 1939
P274 'Early medicine in the Highlands and Islands' printed extract, 1958
P275 Duke of Kent, Northern Times article on, 1992
P276 Daniel Hay letter to David Morrisson, librarian, enclosing article for the Scotia Review on his memories of Wick library as child then employee, 1978
P277 Papers relating to the appointment by Olrig District Nursing Association of Mrs Jean Anstey as District Nurse, 1947
P278 Notes on John Mowat's family tree, undated
P279 Copy of McCormick's 'Aberdeen, Inverness and Northern Counties trades' directory', 1950
P280 The Land of Britain report of the Land Utilisation Survey of Britain (part 15, Caithness) 1944
P281 Copy of 'The Northern Echo', Friday 3 July 1925
P282 Particulars of the sale of the estate of West Watten and Munsary (May 1921) by trustees of the late Miss A B Henderson
P283 Photographs of fishermen c.1940s and 1978, names given, location currently unknown but thought to be Lybster/Latheron area.
P284 Photographic views of Wick published by Valentine and Sons, Dundee, undated
P285 'Caithness Reminiscences', newspaper cuttings 1911-1918 re Wick and Caithness during the latter part of the 19th century
P286 Caithness Field Club cuttings and mss minute book 1912-1918
P287 Person detained in custody at Thurso Police Station 1918-1955, see also Caithness Constabulary
P287ae Notes on Caithness Bird Life, c1910s by 'Abrach', mss
P288 Caithness Constabulary register of visits to criminal prisoners 1886; 1888; 1934; 1941
P288ae Manson's Shetland Almanac Directory 1897, printed
P289 Caithness Constabulary Register of Sickness 1888; 1889; 1934; 1941
P289ae Translation (by Alexander Pope) of an Ancient History of Orkney, Caithness and the North, printed, 1866
P290 Thurso and neighbourhood guide with list of lodgings and houses to let 1898
P291 Notes on the Law of Storms..drawn up by H Piddington, 1840, printed
P292 List of improvements on the Sinclair estates, 1812, printed (extract from the agricultural report on the county of Caithness)
P293 'Caithness and the War 1939-1945', written and compiled by N M Glass, published 1948
P294 Glasgow Caithness Benevolent Association records of membership, minute books, newspaper cuttings, annual reports and 3 copies of centenary souvenir (1846-1972)
P294ae Poster detailing series of literary lectures, c1980
P295 Reverend Beaton mss notes on various linguistic and local history topics, 1890s-early 1900s
P295ae D W Georgeson and Sons, eleven mss IOUs 1931-1933 (100 year closure)
P296 History of Banks and Banking in Wick, compiled by Seonaid MacDonald, Assistant Archivist at the Bank of Scotland, 1996
P297 Wick and Thurso banks, photographs of (deposited with P296)
P298 Mss of the song 'Over the Ord', winner of the Song for Caithness 1965 composed by Donald Sutherland (copy of original)
P299 Wick Library Centenary Float, photographs of, three colour prints taken by MacDonald photographers, 1998
P300 Exhibition in Assembly Rooms, July 1998, photographs
P301 Castlehill/Castletown photographs July 1998
P302 Mary Anne's cottage photographs, 1998
P303 Library Open Day photographs, Vietnam exhibition 1898
P304 History Group preparing 'Wick 100 years ago' exhibition
P305 Photograph of Wick Branch Librarian Jenny Stamps preparing for the Burgh of Wick flag to be hung from the pole, 1998
P306 Cultural and Leisure Services gardeners planting 6 rose trees given to the library in commemoration of its centenary by the Caithness History Group 16 March 1998
P307 Collection of sasines and other deeds relating to estates in Reisgill and Lybster (families of Sinclair, Sutherland and the Gordons of Swinie). Parchment and paper, 1691-19th century.
P308 Colour facsimiles of plans of 'present and proposed roads for the county of Caithness', 1829.
P309 Family correspondence of the Louttit family of Dunnet, 1890s
P310 Miller Academy Debating Society constitution and minutes 1932-1939
P311 Caithness Roll of Honour, Royal Army and Navy 1914-1920, printed lists provided from the research of David Bews August 1998. Also his earlier deposit of Major-General John Campbell, David Mackay of Lyth and Corporal Robert McBeath
P312 St Peter's Kirk (Thurso) session minutes and correspondence 1934-1935; also slides and copy of printed article
P313 number no longer in use; school records transferred to local authority lists, qv.
P314 Photograph of Wick High St (c.1928) and of the Clachan Empire Exhibition (1938)
P315 Sir Josiah H. Symon Fund Book 1932-1980
P316 Statement of measurement of the barn at Stanstill, 1807, for Lt Colonel Williamson. Mss and transcript
P317 Copy of 'Scottish Home Rule' (1925, printed magazine) and correspondence of Mr Marwood Sutherland of Thurso on monuments and naval matters
P318 Papers of the Manson family, 1878-1979
P319 Draft printed histories of lifeboat services at Huna and Helmsdale, c.1993, with printed booklets on services at Wick
P320 Memoranda of agreement for the Wick and Lybster Railway, 1901
P321 D W Georgeson's and Sons (solicitors) 1851-1985 minute books, ledgers etc
P322 Letters addressed to Lt Colonel Williamson, 1800, 1806, 1809, regarding army matters
P323 Thurso River Harbour Trust transcript of arrivals and departures 1922-1935
P324 Glasgow Caithness Benevolent Association annual report for its centenary year, 1936
P325 Northlands festival ephemera 1996-1997
P326 Postcards of John O' Groats, undated (formerly BRA 2621)
P327 Lead mine plans and correspondence (Toftingall) 1915-1955
P328 Wick High School magazine 1977-1978
P329 Programme for the 3rd Caithness Science Festival., 1997
P330 'Wickwards' High School magazine 1995
P331 Maps and plans of Dounreay and Thurso, c.1985
P332 Notebook with minutes of a joint meeting of Dunnet Parish Council Kirk Session and Caithness Education Authority March 1928
P333 Miscellaneous 1950s leaflets: 'The Story of Lybster' (John Mowat); programme for the official inauguration of the Regional Water Scheme (1955); official guide to Caithness; 'Down the years', centenary guide to the London Caithness Association (1956)
P334 Specification for new Dunnet Rd, 1900
P335 Correspondence and notes on the Traills of Castlehill and the Castle of Mey, 1950s, with 1840 letter from John Elliot, connection currently unknown
P336 Certificate of competence of Alexander Inkster as master in the Royal Navy, 1882, and certificate of service, 1865
P337 Mackay family (Lybster) correspondence 1890s-1974, some relating to the 'Book of Mackay', with printed volumes on prehistoric Caithness
P338 Printed booklet on St Peter's Masonic Lodge, Thurso, 1920, with history of it written in 1997
P339 National Registration Identity Cards of James and Marjorie Mitchell, 1949
P340 Cuttings on Dounreay and Thurso, 1962, 1965
P341 Barrogill Castle/Castle of Mey minutes of sales and disposition in favour of Captain F B Imbert-Terry, 1952
P342 Transcript by George Watson of Report concerning the North East Coast of Scotland and Improvements to Harbours, 1790
P343 Pulteneytown congregation declaration on behalf of William Taylor inviting him to be their pastor, 1845
P344 Portland Arms Hotel (Lybster) diaries 1933-1945 (2 volumes) with loose letters and cuttings
P345 Copy of newspaper 'The Liberal Standard', 25 May 1929
P346 Collection of Wick Academy FC programmes, 1993-1995
P347 Photograph of collection of stuffed birds and animals by Macdonalds of Wick. Taken in Wick Museum? n.d.
P348 Postcard of Latheronwheel House addressed to A Munro
P349 Copy picture on the instigation of Wick airmail services in 1934
P350 Advert for Wick Players production 'It runs in the family' 1996
P351 Photocopies of letters of a family residing at Smerlie, Lybster, 19th century but no exact dates or surnames given or known at present
P352 Tradesman's bills and some covering correspondence addressed to William Mathieson (cabinet maker in Wick) and other members of his family (separate box, dates approx 1902-1924)
P353 Transcript by Sandy Gunn of John O' Groats article, 2 November 1923, relating to the unveiling of the Wick War Memorial
P354 Transcript of rents and schedules and payments in Kildonan paid by Alexander Ross 1769-1826
P355 Transcript of diary of Donald Rosie (b.1849) detailing journey from Glasgow to Port Adelaide, S. Australia, 1877
P356 Plan of proposed road from the bridge of Wick to the Ord of Caithness, 1807 (photographs of documents held in the Scottish Record Office)
P357 Lybster Playing Fields Association/Community Association minute book, c.1960
P358 John Dallas (Thurso) photos, notebooks and speech notes relating to aircraft design and experiences as visitor to Germany, 1930s
P359 'A Tale of Life on the Croft', by Mrs Ella Campbell of Stirling, formerly of Caithness (Whitefield croft, Castletown). Childhood memories written approx 1997.
P360 'A Brief History of the Police in Caithness', by Robert Gunn, written in 1987
P361 Talk on the coin forger Arthur Smith of Girnigoe Castle (operating 1500s-1600s) by James MacLeod for the Glasgow Numismatics Society
P362 'Caithness Brochs' and 'Keiss Brochs', from the Nicolson collection, 1890s photographs of excavations by Sir Francis Tres-Barry
P363 Transcript of letter addressed to Alexander Henderson of Hemster by his son (writing from Kennington) 1820
P364 John Mowat letters and local history notes, not fully sorted as yet
P365 Hetty Munro World War II diaries and scrapbooks to 1975
P366 London Caithness Association minute books 1929-1959
P367 Caithness Bird Life c.1910s, mss book by 'Abrach' (E S Mackay)
P368 Particulars regarding the sale of Southdun estate, 1923 (photocopy)
P369 Selection of election leaflets from the 1999 elections to the Scottish parliament
P370 Copy of 'The Sports Favourite' published in Wick 15 September 1934
P371 MacEwen and Mackenzie (auctioneers) sales sheets from sale at Tain, Olrig, 1935
P372 'A History of Wick Airfield' by John Nelson, relating to WW2
P373 AO size plans for the harbour and the Wick-Lybster railway, approx 1910. Also memos to trustees etc.
P374 European election leaflets for the Highland constituency in the 1999 elections , collected by staff.
P375 Copy of 'Vintage Wick' and various certificates deposited by Mr Campbell of Thrumster, various dates
P376 Estate papers relating to road tax, road works, the Sinclair Wemyss family and their affairs, 1799-1822
P377 Photographs of the centenary birthday celebrations of Margaret Weir, 6 May 1938
P378 Notebooks and loose notes/postcards found in barn by John Hazel, relating to a family in Brabster (Hugh Lyall)