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1st Wick Co. The Boys Brigade Camp at Dingwall 1949
The Sunniest Camp Ever

Back Row
Donald Young, Donald Munro, Hamish Durrand, Billy Sinclair, Mike More, ??? Wood,, Clair Manson,
Peter Swanson, Donald Fraser
Middle Row
James Sinclair, ??? Gunn, Willie MacAllan, J Y Sinclair, C Morrow, James? Miller, Derry Ironside
Front Row
James Shearer, Harry Gray, Hamish Allan, Leslie Crowe, Billy Paterson, Robert Mackenzie, James Gray,
Charlie Morrow

From Derry Ironside 21 December 2002
A friend sent me this picture since he was not sure it was me - but it was!  However the gentleman to the right of W McAllan I think is not J Y Sinclair but is Captain James Hood, who was the BB Captain for many years and ran the local monument business. I am just unable to identify anyone else, sorry.
Derry Ironside