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Caithness Countryside Volunteers

Keen on the countryside?  A little spare time now and again?  Don't mind getting your hands dirty?
If any, or all of the above apply, the Ranger service would love to hear from you.   We are currently looking at starting a countryside volunteer group to tackle small and not so small tasks throughout the county.  If you are interested in wildlife habitat creation, assisting in the management of local countryside sites, planting trees, clearing ponds, wildlife monitoring or just something to do on a lazy Sunday this might be of interest.  It doesn't matter if you are a student, housewife or a retired nuclear physicist as long as you are keen and willing to lend a hand. 
Highland Council Ranger Service
Caithness East Area
Bruce Building

Tel/Fax 01955 607758

To join Caithness Countryside Volunteers complete
Registration Form

Send it by post per address on the form or email an attachment to -


Caithness Critters
The Nature Group For Children


Calendar 2002
Dates are provisional.  check with Rangers and new members need to register before attending an event.
All events start at 10.00am

5 May 2002
Newtonhill Woodland clean-up
After the success of last years clean-up, we will attempt to rid the site of unsightly litter.  meet Newtonhill Woodland car park

2 June 2002
Loch of Mey Bird Hide
We will give the bird hide a face lift with a coat of paint.  Meet at Dunnet Bay car par to pool cars.

7 July 2002
Dunbeath Strath
First task is to remove protective tubes from broadleave trees.  We will also help with some path maintenance along the strath. Usual tools, loppers, bow saw.  Meet Mill car park.

4 August 2002
North Head Benches
The benches around the war memorial have endured the worst of the weather and require some sprucing up.  If we are successful with a grant aid from B & Q we will be building and painting new benches.

1 September 2002
Lybster Path
We will clear vegetation along an old right of way leading to the school house.  Pleae bring usual tools.  Meet outside Lybster post office to pool cars.

6 October 2002
Noss Head
In the event of receiving grant aid from Moray firth Partnership, we will be planting trees and shrubs at noss Head lighthouse.  this is to provide shelter & enhance the habitat for birdlife.  meet at nosshead picnic site (before gate to lighthouse).

3 November 2002
Lybster Lookout Tidy-up
The old coastguard station has suffered from vandalism and exposure to howling gales.  We will make the structure safer by tidying the remains.  Meet Lybster Harbour.

1 December 2002
Dunbeath Strath
We will clear gorse along the path.  if you have any useful tools, bow saw, ;loppers please bring them along.  meet at mill car park.


New volunteers welcome.
Call, Highland Council Ranger with any queries on 01955 607758. 
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